Unpolitically Correct
Let’s Keep The High Ground

In 2016 we launched this campaign here on UnPC

The message reached 1,000,000+ active registered Democratic voters on this blog through direct mail

In the last election we – 14% of us Democrats –  voted for Trump’s “Silent Minority”; that’s part of how he got elected. We told nobody – that’s why the polls were off then, and are now.

We voted for change then – why would we vote to go backwards now?

The results are what we are wanting – not their dialogue. We believe in the power of ideas to create positive change

Our readers think that President Trump will be a far safer choice in 2020

We know that Democrats and Republicans alike will do far better with Trump 2020

Join with other pro-Trump Democrats in promoting this unifying message

The unifying message is that we believe in Democracy and reject Socialism

Please share this message with your entire network right now.

No Hate No Violence Trump 2020 – let’s keep the high ground!

Let’s give the President back the House of Representatives!

Then let’s rebuild a better, more marketable Democratic Party!