Unpolitically Correct
After all, He is the Chosen One

We need to rethink China.

China shouldn’t dictate to us what happens, and Trump should ask American companies to find new suppliers.  That will put the fear of God in China because I know that the smaller companies are doing just that.  Let’s go to countries that have no tariffs.  Get that prearranged (who knows what Vietnam and South Korea’s deals really are because the government doesn’t let the general public know).

If you want my opinion, we should do some serious educating on exactly what China charges us versus what we charge them for similar products. It really is beyond my comprehension why we can’t replace 9/10 of 1% of our total exports to China.  I believe it’s mostly agricultural but now it looks like that number is going to go up with technology, thanks to Google.

And why do we continue to let China steal our technology?

Hell, we’re literally handing it to them on a silver platter. That’s what Google is doing.  We should shut down all technology agreements between China and the United States.  Meaning they don’t get ours and we don’t get theirs. Also, they don’t get to be in our colleges spying on us.

A 25% tariff on all imports and exports at a wholesale level to and from China couldn’t have any more than a ¾ of 1% effect on all retail pricing in the U.S. (again, remember we are buying and selling wholesale products, not retail).

We’ve got to stop making things in China and expect them not to steal our technology.

Do you really think that you can make a deal with the head of some big company in China not to steal our technology?  They’re not the ones stealing it.  It’s the guy on the assembly line that’s taking it piece by piece to some company down the road who just knocks it off.  We are idiots to think you can stop the technology stealing when we are asking them to make the products.

I also think we can easily get along without importing from China.  Does anyone look at the percentages? 3.7% of our total imports is nothing. We could replace it in one year with equal or better products.  It’s just the laziness of our Chamber of Commerce. They are worthless in my mind because they just want to keep the status quo.  All so they can sit in their offices in Washington D.C.  instead of going out and doing their jobs.  Our U.S. companies need to get new suppliers in the U.S. by allowing government subsidies. And we need to work with other countries that won’t have tariffs if we do business with them.

So, let’s make the Chamber of Commerce do their job.

Don’t hire new people, streamline who we have and task them to find a new market to export from.  We only import 3.7% of all our imports from China.  Let’s find other countries or better opportunities.  Let’s take the lower hanging fruit and manufacture it here in the U.S. or Mexico.

But more importantly, I would bet 25% of what we’re importing could be made here.  Again, let’s do a little subsidizing with some companies to manufacture those products here or in Mexico.  I don’t think the taxpayers are going to mind you giving tax credits to companies for this.  Think about it.  What if Nike moved some of their manufacturing here as well as those countries who are helping us?  Maybe we could get more jobs in Mexico and slow down the illegal immigration in to the U.S.  And why is the iPhone made in China? So, it can be copied?

If you just move two major companies, I mean really major companies, back into the United States the rest will follow.  Then what if we just did 1% with China?  All of this would go away.

Can you imagine what the stock market would do over time?

Which, in my opinion, is making too much money.  I think more money should be given to the laborers and a little less money to the stockholders.  The stockholders are not the only ones contributing to the growth of a company. The happier the employee the more productive they are and the more profitable the companies are. The American dream.  Instead, they’re buying and selling off  of the profits.  Profits that are being made with the help of the workers who also need capital to be a successful team driven company. The happiest and highest paid employees work for the most successful businesses.

I am pro organized labor, but I am not pro union and there’s a big difference. But that being said, we need to look at China and call their bluff.

It’s all President Trump has to do is to recommend that our importers start looking for new suppliers in other countries. That will scare China enough.  Also make a deal that phases this over five years.  Make it easier for all to stomach and or save face. To make it work this President has to stay in office.

After all he is the chosen one. The one the American people chose to lead this country.