Unpolitically Correct
Alligators, Whistleblowers and Bold Moves to Drain the Swamp

Now is the time to make some bold moves, the kind that will drive the press crazy. I think Trump needs to sit down with Congress and work on solutions, some of which are no-brainers: the corporate tax bill is a no-brainer, and bringing back corporate money from overseas is a no-brainer. And let’s not wait a year to get things done. All that will do is make things harder for the administration to accomplish since, by that time, a lot of politicians will have been elected.

The Democrats need to get on board and take credit for some of this.

We want to make government more efficient – to tighten up the government and actually lower expenses. There is so much waste in this country and so much corruption.

Let’s encourage whistleblowers, who can help government save millions of dollars by revealing what’s going wrong behind the scenes. If somebody’s corrupt and a whistleblower turns them in, then maybe that whistleblower should be rewarded or even promoted. I believe in the importance and necessity of whistleblowers. Think of the money we could save – easily trillions of dollars if we rooted out corruption and waste. There should also be a revenge penalty for the bad actors who try and take advantage of these whistleblower incentives.

If Trump truly wanted to drain the swamp, he shouldn’t have left so many senior officials in place from the Obama administration. He needs to get rid of the bad actors, though, no matter what party they belong to.

What else might be done to drain the swamp? Some people probably need to go to jail. Wall Street bankers. Government employees. As far as the financial crisis is concerned, many of these people knew exactly what was happening and what they were doing. We have to prosecute people in the Justice Department and in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission; many knew what was going on, but were never prosecuted. This is clear political corruption.

If you want to drain the swamp, you have to hire people who know how to get rid of the alligators. I believe that the minute Trump gets rid of all those people, he’s going to outsmart the old establishment that most of America wants gone.

As a leader, what would you take first? I would consider somebody who was going to be loyal long before I looked at their qualifications. I can teach a person who has a good attitude and who is loyal. If an employee is not at the very least loyal, then who cares how qualified they are? A disloyal employee will be working against the goals of the administration.

Trump needs his own people. If necessary, he should fire everybody who preceded him and replace them with people who are loyal, who will listen, and who follow orders and don’t leak information for their personal gain, which hurts all of us.