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Book Review:  Great Book By Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz new book “”Firebrand” is a really well written book. I was fortunate enough to listen to it on Audible and recommend doing that because Matt has a great voice. He’s a great speaker too.

He has done is a great job of exposing and helping us understand how the swamp works, and he’s not saying he can change it. In fact, he’s saying when he first got into office he got sucked into the swamp himself, and he was forced to go along. Like if he didn’t take some of the benefits or raise money for certain people that he really had no ties to that he would not get his office, he wouldn’t get on committees like the Armed Services Committee which is important to him, coming from a Florida district that has a lot of military.

But what I found very refreshing is how he openly he says how he got involved in it, got caught up in it, and finally quit it, but he found that he could get caught up in the swamp even if he didn’t do anything incriminating or illegal. That’s the scary part of what these guys can do to get around the rules and the laws.

The average congressman gets $175,000 a year they average $500,000 through trips and benefits and gifts and speaking engagements and all of those things. That’s the young ones, the older ones get millions a year. He talks at length about both parties and he tells you who on the Right and he Left is really doing some things that are very questionable. I recommend all parties read this. As a conservative Democrat, I found it really refreshing that he incriminated himself to expose the crooked system saying “this is what I did and how I did it”, describing how the super PACs constantly tried to buy his opinion, and then how he finally quit and did the right thing and he won’t take any super PAC money anymore.

For a new congressman he’s amazingly popular, but it’s because the way he speaks and how well and honestly he speaks. He just won re-election by a landslide 30 points!  I’m hoping that with this new election that the mainstream media turns down the rhetoric and starts to bring a little more sincerity and honesty back to journalism, because I haven’t watched mainstream media for a long, long time. And that’s why their ratings have never impressed me. You know they’re making more money, and the way they’re doing it is they’re putting out less effort for the money that the advertisers are giving them. They don’t have investigative journalists like CNN used to have – 100 journalists around the world reporting the news, when they were #1. They have none out there now. It’s easier just to give opinions and collect money. They’ve done a good job of maybe getting Biden elected, and I’m gonna give Biden a chance, but I do think he’s gonna get run over by the Vice President and the far left of our party. More importantly I give this book five stars. This is information worth thinking about; you don’t have to agree with all of it, but he gives detailed referenced quotes so if you’re thinking, “I don’t think that’s true”, then I suggest you go check it out.

But more importantly, I think you can see how the swamp works. And if that’s if nothing else, if we’re willing to live with the swamp that’s fine. I think I just think people ought to know how it really does work. And no matter what anybody says, and I was a Trump supporter, even though I’m a Democrat because he exposed the swamp, and that will not change. I’m very disappointed in our Justice Department and our FBI which have been proven to be corrupt. And if they’re not going to get any better under Biden, that’s for sure. Because he’s going to throw away all these investigations of the treasonous plot to overthrow the president. And they did do that. And Russia had little to do with any of this except helping Hilary with the “Steele Dossier”. You know what’s doing the damage to us is our social media and China, and don’t think for one minute they’re not in big Cahoots, they are.  We love a chance to do better by everyone.

Great book, recommended highly.

Pat Lockhart