Unpolitically Correct
Border Barriers Are The International Norm

Why if two-thirds of the world’s people live in countries that protect their borders with a wall or fence are we in the US so opposed to it? I just don’t get it. I personally am for building a wall.

Why do we support other countries in their endeavors to build walls or fences? But we are so adamant about not protecting our own? It just doesn’t make sense.

Border barriers are the international norm. But for some reason, Western nations are looked down upon for building one. Border walls/fences have shown success in Israel, Morocco, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Greece, Spain, England, and the list keeps on getting bigger. The reasons for building these walls have been to protect their homelands from terrorism and illegal immigration. And studies have shown that the implementation of these border barriers has significantly reduced both.

Have we forgotten about our very own Yuma, Arizona? Before the bipartisan Secure Fence Act of 2006 border agents were arresting approximately 800 illegal aliens a day, which still couldn’t stop the thousands that were coming in carrying drugs with them. Even though there are still unfenced areas, the fencing that did go up has cut back the number of arrests significantly.  Read the article “The Unpolitically Correct Response To Total Immigration From Our Readers”.

But let’s talk about the Secure Fence Act of 2006. A bipartisan group supported by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and many others created this. It mandated the construction of hundreds of additional miles of secure fencing and infrastructure investments saving lives and protecting our land. Why was this supported in 2006 but not now in 2018?

We have a major opioid epidemic in our country and China and Mexico are our two main sources of the illegal drugs. We need to secure our borders and slow down the transportation of these illegal drugs coming into our country. For more information read the article “Opioid Epidemic”.

I think we need to mimic the Israel-West Bank border wall, which was funded by U.S. taxpayers. They developed anti-tunnel radar technology that prevents terrorists from trying to tunnel through. This is what we need. After building the wall in Israel the number of successful terrorist attacks dropped by 90% almost immediately.

I understand that not all immigrants who are trying to enter our country illegally are violent or are trying to smuggle in drugs. But the journey for those who are trying to come in illegally is incredibly dangerous and violent. Parents have been willing to subject their children to sexual abuse and neglect in the hands of smugglers. Thousands are found near death lost in the desert. And there is the astronomical number of immigrants who are raped, brutalized, and robbed by those “helping” to smuggle them across the border.

We need a border wall to deter these attempts. By building a wall we would create so many new jobs for the economies of every US border city. We would stop the illegal drug trade from coming over the border. And we would save so many lives of those who are relying on criminals to smuggle them in.

Immigrants need to come in legally and safely.