Unpolitically Correct
Congress Has Turned Us Into The Greatest Show On Earth

Everyone believes in a green deal environmentally: Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

No one believes in the Green New Deal that isn’t dealing with reality, or workable solutions. The Green New Deal is just a smoke and mirrors game trying to take over our economy–it’s unbelievable.

Any green deal that doesn’t include China or India as a part of it is ridiculous.  If we had zero emissions in the U.S. it wouldn’t make a dent overall in the world.  Not as long as the other countries have until 2035 to start fixing their problems.  And according to the crazy Liberals the world won’t be inhabitable by then.  This is my opinion as a Conservative Democrat.

And then there is the topic of universal healthcare.

If the right one came along, I think it could be supported, but so far all of the proposed plans are unaffordable.  Somebody does have to pay for this and what is wrong with that?  Show me another country, any country, where 20% of the people pay for 80% of the taxes.  What does the Liberal Party want?  What would make them happy?  If the 1% pays all the taxes?  You know that is possible.  Highly possible.  Let’s just get three times as many billionaires as we have today. That’s how you make that happen.

If the rich weren’t allowed to be rich, the middle class would be poor.  They would be paying 50% of all their income in taxes, similar to socialism. Imagine if you make $100,000 and take home $70,000 a year right now, you’d be taking home $50,000 or less or make $50,000 and take home $25,000 under socialism. How would that work for you?  It wouldn’t work for me.  No one really thinks through the numbers.  They’re too busy confusing everyone with fake news.

Just like the Russian collusion.Now that the Russia hoax is gone, I think there’s a way for us to work towards political peace.

I don’t mean an ally arrangement with Russia any more than an ally arrangement with China.  No one considers China an ally, but we can have an adversary that we get along with.  I think some discussion should happen there and frankly I think Trump ought to do it directly with Putin.  Get on the phone and talk to him and then have a meeting.  I think he should pull out of Ukraine and revote Crimea. If they want to be Russian let them be Russian.  The population is 80% Russian in Crimea.  Some of the breakup with the Soviet Union was allocated just to be allocated.  It really wasn’t allocated completely through.  I’m not saying that Crimea should be Russian, but if the Crimean people want to be, why not let them? It’s their choice.  We let other countries change their affiliations.

Just stay out of our elections. We could use the carrot part of our Carrot and Stick approach and lift the sanctions after the next elections if they agree to do this.

Let’s focus more on China.  China is facing changes and we’re seeing it with the rebellions happening in Hong Kong. It’s becoming more capitalistic every day. They have the second most billionaires in the world with the help of the black market and government corruption running it. Socialistic countries are far more corrupt than ours.   We need to keep minimizing China’s impact on the rest of the world (because they’re doing things all over the world to build their military on our dime and no one is talking about it).  The media is too worried talking about Russia. That’s like being worried about Mexico.  Other than some nuclear weapons, Russia has very little capabilities of hurting us.

So much could be solved with common sense, but the politicians won’t allow that especially the Rhinos in the Republican party.

I am hoping like hell Trump cuts them off with the RNC (Republican National Committee) money and goes after them with some replacements.  If they want to continue to be Rhinos, let’s get rid of them.  I’m speaking as a Democrat sounding like a Republican, but that’s what I would do.  How in the hell could four people run the Democratic party that’ve only been there a year and a half?  It’s beyond my wildest imagination how this can even happen.  Their approval ratings are the lowest of any of the Congress and going lower.  I don’t get it.

Yes, they’re turning on some young people with the idea of everything being free.  If I grow up and think well the country’s going to take care of me the rest of my life, I don’t have to worry about anything, of course I’d want that.  Of course, I’d say yes to that, until I don’t get a paycheck.  What do they think?  They’re going to come out of college and get $70,000 a year?  No.  They’ll come out of college and get $25,000 a year.  They’re going to get less than they can get right now. But free healthcare, free education to make less money?  About a third of our new college graduates, are doing mostly blue-collar work.

I do think we need to rethink our whole college system.

I truly believe the professors have got to start working on promoting free speech again.  If you’re anti-free speech you shouldn’t be allowed to be a professor because you don’t believe in a democracy and you don’t believe in us.  That comes right from Martin Luther King, Malcom X, all of them.  If you don’t believe in those freedoms and you’re not willing to die for those freedoms, you shouldn’t be here corrupting young minds.  I’m not telling you to go somewhere else.  Just don’t do the job you’re doing.  Poisoning our young minds is not the answer.  It’ll work in the short run, no doubt.  It will not work in the long run.  History will prove that out.  I probably won’t be around to see it, but mark my words, it will.

No doubt we have some of the best teachers in the world; and some bad ones too.  Every country does.  But, I don’t think the federal government should fund any colleges.  It should be done by the states and the college foundations.  We’re giving hundreds of millions of dollars to colleges that have multi-billion-dollar foundations.

What’s wrong with us?  Where is that coming from? It’s coming from “well that’s the way we’ve always done it”. And that’s what President Trump is trying to change. That’s part of the Swamp.

If we had 95% of our high school graduates graduating at higher levels to include maybe a year of internships somewhere in that process they would have a track for their future. It would do more for this country than any college could ever think of doing.  The colleges are still needed for all the professionals, all of the doctors and the lawyers and the scientists, but not everyone. We should not make people uncomfortable if they don’t want to go to college. Many of the richest people in the world never went or graduated from college.

The politicians talk in generalities, but I think if we educated the public more using real facts and figures we would see the impacts on the American people. I know the politicians in Washington D.C. way underestimate the voter.  They think they’re smarter.  They think they know what the voter wants.  I don’t think any of the parties truly understands or cares about what we Americans want or need.