Unpolitically Correct
Congressional Bills are way too large and way too expensive when only 4% get approved

9,000 PLUS pages

No wonder Congress has only an 11% approval rating.

We need to get our bills considerably smaller.  I think that there shouldn’t be a bill allowed to be passed in the Senate or the Congress that is over 10 pages, which is a summary of the bill sometimes maybe, but generally the bill and then you can use many more pages to interpret and implement it.  But there’s no reason for a bill to be over 10 pages.

According to the Huffington Post it is especially alarming that the majority of bills are essentially dead upon arrival.  In any given two-year session of Congress, 10,000 or more bills are introduced.  But only about 4 percent of them become law.

It’s the reason we have 10 times more lawyers in Washington D.C. than we used to.  It’s also why it costs so much to have a bill come to Congress.  You have lobbyists on both sides of every bill.

When you have a 9000-page bill or whatever Obamacare was, it took hundreds and hundreds of attorneys to weigh in on it.  That’s why it was never effective.  There were way too many people giving input on it and no one in Congress that had the total input.  It’s why it costs so much. It’s why the American public have no idea what’s in the bills.  It’s why the Senators don’t read their bills.  They have their staff read them and so you have a barely college-educated person making decisions for you to go and vote on.  That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of.

We’ve also got way too many attorneys in the Congress, in my opinion, because attorneys aren’t known for making deals.  They’re for figuring out what’s wrong with the bill, whether it is political or not.  We need short bills and we need to talk to the public about the bills as we talk to each other in the Congress about the bills.

We need to know what our constituents feel about the bills that we’re proposing because I think most Congressmen and Senators care more about making a bill that gets them the most amount of publicity and money from the lobbyists than they do about their own constituency.

It would really help us get the swamp cleaned up a bit more.  We need shorter bills, so we have a lot less lawyers in Washington D.C.  Let’s have the lawyers go do something positive instead of trying to just represent special interests.  It is way out of control and I’m looking forward to the day when Trump does something about it.  The more he goes to the public before he goes to the Congress and the Senate, the more effective he is, and he’s already proven that many times over.

Talk to the people, then talk to the Congress.  What do you think?