Unpolitically Correct
Could You Kill This Child? Abortion Activists Beware

Our readers believe that the radical abortion activists who believe you should be able to kill a baby during its third term or after it’s born even if there is no threat of life to either the baby or the mother are playing right into the hands of the anti-abortionists.  This should not be tested.

I happen to believe that President Trump and the Supreme Court have no ambitions to challenge Roe versus Wade.  But it would appear that many cities, counties and states think they are.  Why else would they be passing these ridiculous abortion policies?

80% of this country doesn’t believe in third term abortions.  By passing these radical policies you are playing right into the anti-abortionist’s hands.  The solution is to lighten up on third term abortions in some way that it won’t end up in the Supreme Court.  Right now, there are states adopting policies that must be tested in the courts.  Why force a Roe versus Wade conflict when no one really wants it?

Also, if Planned Parenthood wants to make more money than they need to stop taking government money.  I personally would not contribute to them as I don’t believe in abortions, but I used to contribute to Planned Parenthood because they do so many other good things. But the fact that they get government money is why I no longer donate.  A fact they don’t realize is that they are losing more money by getting government subsidies.  Why would anyone donate to Planned Parenthood when they are already paying taxes to pay for their subsidies? It’s just ludicrous to me that they think that way.

They also don’t coach people as to what happens after you have an abortion.  What about the mental health issues a women may have for the rest of her life? It may be minor for some people, but it’s been major for others. They should talk to women and be honest about that.

I also believe Planned Parenthood could be the largest adoption agency in the world if they would develop and support telling women that they can have their baby in an open or closed adoption. Open adoptions are great. Somebody would raise the child properly and the mother still gets to see their child and know they are doing well.  When the child is old enough to understand you let them know.  They could charge $25,000 for an adoption. Today’s average cost! This includes supporting the mother through the pregnancy. Planned Parent would make a lot more money by doing this.

We also could lower greatly adopting children from other countries, which is more expensive, more complicated, and politically abused.

These are my thoughts and beliefs.  We would really love to hear your opinion about this.  I know 80% of the people in this country are against third term abortions unless there are definite problems for the mother or unborn child.

Let’s come together more with somewhat acceptable solutions rather than divide us with radical ideas.