Unpolitically Correct
Discussing Racism Isn’t the Way to End It

Without a doubt, there is racism in our country. But is there really as much racism as the media and activists have made it seem there is? Activists want us to believe that something that happened 200 years ago means we have an obligation to minorities to help them out of whatever their situation is today.

Here’s a thought: Rather than talking endlessly about racism, activists should be making real changes for the minority populations they want to support. For instance, activists should be going to companies and asking them to hire minorities. They should help minorities look for jobs, find the training they need and get hired. Every one of them can and should work if they can. In our country currently, there are more jobs than there are people applying for them, so there’s no reason minorities shouldn’t be able to get jobs with the help of activists. True, some people don’t have the proper qualifications (e.g. college degree) for all jobs. That is why I believe activists should also advocate for hiring people that may only have 80% of the qualifications, so are paid 80% of what someone qualified would be paid. Then when they are fully trained, they are paid the remaining 20%.

On a side note: I believe no one needs a college degree unless they’re going into a profession. Do you think Google and other big corporations only hire people with a college degree? Hell no! They train people in their own way, and they sometimes don’t even want liberal arts grads. Don’t get me wrong, the liberal arts are great, but companies like Google are usually just looking for people with good attitudes who are teachable.

It seems that some activists might even be more concerned with things like money and publicity (for themselves) than they are with actually helping minorities. There is money in the division of our society. If we are united, not a dime is to be made by them. That’s why I believe we should all “talk less and do something”! The less we talk about racism, the less racism there will be. As a society, we’ve gotten rid of the “n-word”, and I believe we should get rid of the “r-word” (racism) as well. That would allow our society to think and work together, and not be burdened by a concept that serves to divide us, all the while filling the pockets of activists and the media.

President Trump has been called racist, but I think he’s done more for people at all levels in the U.S. than the last president, and I’m a Democrat. None of the democratic presidents have done more for minorities than Trump has, and he would do more if people would get behind him. But as we’ve seen, “hate and disdain” for Trump’s style leads people to oppose anything his name is attached to. Frequently that hate and disdain can turn into violence, and progress for the American people is stifled.

Sure, there are racists in this country (and white supremacists), but they make up such a small group. Despite this, the media covers the subject like there are 10 million racists out there. The 30-40 million minorities in this country (and everyone else) need to unite around a new ideology “No Hate, No Violence”. Then we all need to stop using the r-word. It’s a bad word and it works against the unity of our society. Once we remove that word from as much of our speech as we can, I believe racism will diminish immensely. We shouldn’t add to the notion that we must make everybody responsible for something that was done seven generations ago. Many Americans of all races died to do away with slavery, especially members of the Republican Party. Yes, what happened was wrong, it was terrible, but the people who are alive today didn’t commit those wrongs. We’ve spent a lot of money and time trying to make up for the atrocities of our ancestors and the more we try and make up for them, the more it seems like people blame other people for all sorts of things, and society gets less close to workable solutions.

One final note: This organization, Unpoliticallycorrect.org, will never use facts, figures, and numbers without having a lot of accurate support. We also won’t quote anonymous sources. What we will share is our main message…”No Hate, No Violence”. That is what the world should be focusing on, instead of fighting about race, sex, religion, etc. “Let’s stop talking and do something!”