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Economic Wars – One Of America’s Greatest Strengths

We need to stay on course with our China trades.

Actually, we could stop doing business with China and it wouldn’t affect our economy much after a one-year period of time, as an economist I believe.  The hype that we have been given about China and all the trade wars with China are so overrated.  They’re done by the press and Wall Street, so they can go up and down with the stock market making money for the media and uninformed experts.

We only buy 2.7% of our total manufacturing goods from China.

They buy from us .9%, which is negligible.  We could replace the .9% that they buy from us which is mostly farm goods. We need to get our U.S. Chamber of Commerce to get off their … and start running around the world to sell all of that product to other countries instead of blaming the President for making them do their job by protecting our industries and workers  (I still think we should totally privatize our Chamber of Commerce … they have become too political and lazy). We also could easily replace what China makes for us.  There are 48 Asian countries.  China is the second largest Asian country. But don’t you think of the other 47 countries at least 25 of them are waiting in line to manufacture for us with zero tariffs and agreeing to buy as much as they sell to us?  That’s just got to be our criteria.

If you want to get rid of balance of payment, it isn’t just getting rid of tariffs.

It’s to make sure they don’t sell us a ton more than we buy from them.  You think Walmart can’t replace all of their less expensive stuff in Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam,  or where ever  the new cheaper place is?  Vietnam has much lower pricing than China.  So, I don’t know why all of these major manufacturers aren’t going to these other countries where they’re never going to get caught in a tariff war.  It amazes me.  I think it’s bad management of our companies in the United States.  Click here to read our related article.

China has a surplus charge on everything too because they are such a big country like us.

They have a bureaucracy they have to pay for, and the bureaucracy is where the tariffs come in. They need money to pay for all of the people in the government.  Their government is quite a bit larger than ours, that’s probably how they keep their people in place (all under communism, socialism, and one third capitalism).

Again, we need to cut back on buying from China and then replace the .9% they buy from us.

You’re saying we can’t replace 1% of our sales to other customers?  That’s a pretty weak marketing system and the National Chamber of Commerce ought to be embarrassed.  They need to stop whining and do their job.

The fact that the stock market goes up and down on this issue alone is so ridiculous.

It’s a scam on the American public for brokers and Wall Street to make money buying and selling stocks. They know if the market goes down in the next six months let’s say, because we don’t do a deal with China, it’ll come back two times that the day a deal is signed, or we have replaced them. They are fully aware of that.  They’re trying to exploit the American public.

I also think we need to get friendlier with Russia.

Yep.  I said it.  If we didn’t have all of this bogus Russian collusion crap Trump would have been able to get more accomplished with them.  And I mean good accomplishments for the United States making us safer.  Russia is considerably less of a risk to the United States than China is.  People need to wake up and realize that while Russia is hacking and doing all of this crazy stuff their population is less than half of ours.  Does anybody realize that?  Yes, they have nuclear weapons but so does Pakistan.  Why aren’t we worried about them?  They hate us more than the Russians.

President Trump needs to have a nice little sit down with Mr. Putin and tell him if you can assure us there will be no interference with our 2020 elections, we will lift some sanctions.

Lift a couple sanctions now and then a couple more after the elections. That would be so much cheaper and easier and faster than anything else we could possibly do to handle the Russia thing.  Our intelligence community seems to be powerless on hacking, even though I know they are trying hard to fix it.

We ought to do the same thing with North Korea.

Lift a sanction to make sure they don’t interfere.  What about China?  What kind of deal are we doing with China?  You think they’re not interfering with our elections?

The one thing that all of these countries have been successful at is making idiots out of us.

They are raising tons of hell trying to divide our country. Their goal is to divide us and make our country undemocratic.  They want us to become totalitarian whether it be under socialism or whatever else.

It’s working.  The Democrats and the media are playing into the Russian hoax like no tomorrow.

I am an idiot, as I am a conservative Democrat of 50 years, and still think they are going to right the ship.  The whole United States is getting caught up in it. They’re saying that President Trump is doing the dividing, but he’s not.  He has helped to unite more of the lower income people in this country than the past six presidents.

The one thing that I honestly believe because it’s true — the Democrats are dividing the country and blaming it on the President.

That’s the way they work.  They blame others.  Look at the Mueller Report.  Hey, it’s not perfect and yes, he says some of the wrong things, I’ll give you that, but no collusion.  Let him go to work on Russia.  Let him be friendly with Russia.  I would love to have Russia as our ally.

China is supposed to be our ally but they’re not.

They’re building a military complex that is going to be bigger than ours using our technology.  That’s the biggest reason we need to stop doing business with China and lock them out because they’re stealing our intellectual property, which 30% of that or more is all of our military secrets.  They are building an air force and a navy that looks just like ours.  I wonder why.

I don’t understand why Trump doesn’t (and I blame Trump for this) get all of the heads of these major private companies from Microsoft to Google into his office and say “guys how are we going to stop these countries from hacking us?”.  What is it going to take? Our government can’t do it alone.

Everybody blames Russia for figuring out how to do it.  Well they are going to be able to shut the country down from outside data so that they can regulate the internet.  We would never do that in our country, but we should have the ability to shut down our borders on the internet in an emergency. I’m not sure it’s a bad idea if it has the proper oversight.  But now I’m getting into net neutrality.

We need to stay firm on China or stop doing business with them.

We would hurt China much more than us.  China was about to give up communism and socialism, until we came along and let them into the World Trade Organization and they became more capitalistic.  One of the worst things we ever have done, but it’s been good for China.  You cannot blame China for what they’re doing, I don’t.  I blame our government and our lawyers (oh, I mean our politicians) for being so stupid.

Thank God we’ve got somebody that is standing up for us, whether you like him or not.  I do not like the way President Trump acts sometimes, but I do like the way he keeps his word and is doing what he said he was going to do.

Don’t worry about China but also don’t let our people in Washington, D.C. and the media manipulate us on the influence China has on our economy.  It doesn’t have near the impact that people try and say it does.




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