Unpolitically Correct
Equal Pay For ALL

The President needs to write a bill that would serve as an equal pay act for women across every demographic in the U.S. It would include equal pay for women to 100% parity, eventually, but let’s say about 90% parity and equal pay for not just all gender but for all races. We can all agree that equal jobs deserve equal pay; unfortunately, that is not being enforced under the Equal Pay Act of 1963. Every gender and every race should have equal pay, that should be a basic right.

Trump should clarify that he thinks women should be paid equally, however, he does think they’re paid more equally than the detractors are saying. To achieve equality, we’ll give companies 12 months to have equal pay across the nation and if they refuse they’ll be subjected to penalties and audits, which are going to be extremely expensive for companies. It would be cheaper for them to just do the right thing.

Minorities should be advanced equally

with the same opportunities  and pay as everyone else.

We need to put systems in place that help not only minorities but everyone else too. These systems should allow people to get qualified for better jobs. I’m hoping more companies hire people that have about 90% of the skill needed to get hired and pay them 90% of the salary for that job, then teach them the remaining 10%. Once they attain the remaining qualifications, pay them the full salary.

The only way we can prove that we do care is by action, words are not going to work, ever. They haven’t worked for 70 years. We need to do something to show the world and lead by example. If we can get minorities to have a lower unemployment rate while lowering unemployment for everyone else then we can change our economy and quality of life.

I don’t know what more we can do to show minorities that we really do want to dialogue and do the right thing because we care, whether they believe it or not, but we do. Sadly, activists are leading them to believe otherwise by promoting the importance of race and as a result hurting the very communities that they say they care so much about.