Unpolitically Correct
Family First – Let’s Stop Blaming Each Other For The Coronavirus

The Coronavirus situation, getting worse by the day in the US and worldwide, is a crisis situation in which we need to minimize the politics. Trying to blame others for not doing the right thing at the right time is not going to help anyone stay healthy or survive.

I personally believe Trump really helped by cutting off travel to and from China and tightening our borders. I would love any of the liberal media to ask Vice President Pence what the advice was of the medical advisors in January when they were fully aware of and working on the developing menace. My understanding is that the majority of the medical advisers said to close the country: close the borders, close the airlines, close all of it!

So, saying that it’s Trump that wanted to close things is totally wrong. He actually went against his medical advisors saying that we can’t shut down our economy, because it will shut down the world. If we’d used pure science, we would have closed totally closed borders right now. That is what most of the advisors recommended to the president. People who believe that he closed the borders and did the wrong thing are way off base.

He also knew about this and didn’t tell the public because it would cause panic and at that point he didn’t have to. That is what a leader does. But when it became evident that we had to deal with it, he brought it out. He appointed Pence far earlier than people know to pull together a team. I think he pulled together a great team. Why did they pick a doctor to run the team? Because doctors are way more political than many politicians, believe it or not.

In the last couple of virus events that we’ve had, we’ve had a real problem getting a coalition of medical people to pull together; from the governors and the states to the medical agencies within the states and the medical community. They have totally pulled together under Vice President Pence. He has the best doctors in the world consulting him and the president. I’m sorry, but I can’t agree with some of the criticism that the administration is getting over this. But more importantly, we’re not going to get it completely right. It’s a problem for us all now and it’s a problem that is going to affect all of us for a while. Our testing is a problem the way we are doing it and the number of tests available – the President should have been more honest about this.

Still, it is nowhere near the problem that people are making it out to be in some places. But still, anytime one person dies, it is a tragedy for everyone who loved and cared about them. Let’s face it, 2/3 of our deaths so far have occurred in one location, in one state of our country. I’d love to know the reason why we had so many deaths in one retirement community. I wonder if anybody out there can answer that for us. If you have any information to add to any of this, we’d love to hear from you.

One thing is for sure, we all need to do the right thing. Wash your hands. Be careful if you cough. If you don’t feel good, stay home. It will all work out. We just need to get through some timing on this. I think our country is doing an admirable job, I’d just like to see a little bit more coming together, because we usually do when we have a crisis that is non-political. I’m pretty sure the Coronavirus doesn’t pick Democrat or Republicans when it decides to who it’s going to give it to.

Let’s stop talking and do the right thing. We’re asking for tolerance and respect for others, and patience with all who are trying so hard. Those who are going through quarantine are heroes, literally protecting the rest of us by sacrificing themselves. We should all express our pride in and support for these people and their families. Please think about those who are desperately sick if you find yourself feeling frustrated or inconvenienced by the obvious problems we’re all going to have to find ways to deal with in this new, hopefully passing reality.