Unpolitically Correct
Hate Is At It’s Highest Level of Exposure

This is what the impeachment process is showing, there are people that have so much hate for the president they are actually making up stories, opinions, and theories. No facts necessary, nobody has testified so far that the President has done anything to break the law, not one person has, but they show their hate, and their contempt for him. Their disagreement with him, and how they don’t think he knows what he is doing.

He’s helped clean up a lot of the corruption in Ukraine and is giving them the only money (ours) to fight their war, something no one else has done, not Europe or any other country, Let’s not forget that for a minute, the heat of the press.

We’ve got to stop watching the liberal press, don’t watch Fox either. Unless they give you both sides of the story, but the liberal media doesn’t do that. I watch the BBC. They don’t like Trump either, but they will eventually give mostly facts. The only reason I do watch some Fox shows, is they will give me the other side story sometimes. They have a few opinion programs that don’t, but if you watch their general daily news they generally have as a social liberal and conservative and said sometimes is two conservatives and One liberal. At least you know somewhat what’s really going on, and they do have some investigative reporters.

No one knows how many investigative reporters are in CNN. I haven’t seen one in 10 years, since they used to be the premier place to know what’s going on around the world. What’s going on in Syria? What’s going on in Russia? What’s going on in Europe? We don’t know any of that anymore because they don’t want to bother with real news.

They are so lazy and only focused on making big profits by having headlines, and lower cost of programming, with no facts, just worthless conjecture, a lot of it with their misrepresentations of the truth, they give you one sentence out of somebody’s whole response. They give comments out of context. Their hate for the President and the Trump haters are making people hate themselves, of course and they hate the people that they don’t represent, because they are smart enough, they the media, and politicians are smarter than all of us.

IF YOU are watching the news and it does not make you somewhat uncomfortable, with what they are saying, or disagree with, you know one thing… you are not watching news. You are watching opinionated, uninformed, brainless commentary, liberal or conservative.

Commentators are unelected politicians, that are paid more, and think like the politicians. That they are smarter than the American voter, and until the day they realize that they can’t convince all the voters to change their minds, if you got this conservative side. They are having success changing people’s minds on the liberal side. Just give your opinion in the voting booth, we are too smart to agree or argue with ignorant people.

I am a liberal and I am a conservative Democrat, and I see more people coming to me asking what to do, and I’m saying stay Democrat, and vote for Trump, and pray the party wakes up, or blows up. Then we will put the old party back together. Don’t listen to your idiot friends, lie with the media, or act uninformed.

That’s what I recommend you do. That’s how Trump got elected last time, that’s why all the polls were wrong then and now. This hate has got to stop, hate and violence has no place in a good person’s heart, or in this world. The hate needs to be rid of. I know it’s going take a long time for us to get back to doing the right thing, but we need start somewhere (why not with us) and don’t think your voice doesn’t count, you don’t need to say it, do it. Stop listening to all these crazy theories, trying to get people to protect the liberal point of view, yet none of them want to pay for it.

Let’s talk about the rich. Don’t forget 80% of our taxes in this country are paid for by the rich. If you want to get rid of all your tax burden in this country, give us three times more billionaires.

Then no one would pay any taxes but the top ¼ of 1%. What’s wrong with that theory to have a huge, social safety net, for those who can’t take care of themselves or help those who cannot take care of themselves completely. I am all for that as for insurance we only have got to ensure 8% more of the people in this country then everyone’s insured, has anyone figured that out?


There should be no tolerance for hate or violence in anything that we do, it can start with you! You can change your attitude, (Link to our Attitude and Politics) our motto. I’m not here to tell you how to think, like the Democrat politicians and media do. They do want to tell you how to think, we don’t. We want you to think for yourselves. Is that really what you want, people with hate telling you how to think?


The Socialist movement has nothing to do with income inequality or the environment, as an economist, I can tell you it’s about a transfer of power from the masses to a few, power hungry politicians and Soros type activists, they want the power to put you in jail, or take away everything you have and like all the other real socialist countries that’s what’s going on today by the liberals that are trying to sell Socialism.


The Americans and the American way will never tolerate this, no matter how good it is for the press and their ratings. The large silent majority is waking up. Link to the Seas Are Changing article.


I’m not calling all Democrats uninformed or bad, because there’s a lot of great Democrats, they just don’t happen to be unfortunately in office.