Unpolitically Correct
I.C.E. Reform

The President needs to rework ICE.  The rules by which they are operating now need to be changed.  They shouldn’t be arresting or incarcerating any illegal immigrants who have not committed any criminal acts other than coming here illegally.  They should target their sweeps on the illegals who have serious criminal records and continue to commit crimes.  I don’t think we should be wasting our time on deporting illegal immigrants that really cause us no harm.  They need to focus on those of the criminal element and not those who are breaking no other laws while we work on the solutions.  Read our article “The Unpolitically Correct Response to Total Immigration from Our Readers”.

Total immigration reform is what I think this country really needs to do and the President should talk about it and address it over the next ninety days as one of his goals for the next two years.  Doing a partial immigration reform isn’t the answer and is never going to happen in this country.  We’re going to have to satisfy all of the pieces of it altogether.  A plan that is comprehensive but simple enough to understand and can be accomplished.  We need to embrace legalizing all illegal immigrants currently in the country.  Not just the Dreamers.  When I say legalize all illegal immigrants I mean legalizing those who have no serious criminal records other than being in the country illegally.  Keep it simple and easy.  Then build the wall and have all future immigrants enter our country legally and honorably.

Think about it.  If ICE went into sanctuary cities and did sweeps under these changes they would be taking in all of the real criminals.  The sanctuary cities would go away.  There would be no need for them.  The only people facing deportation would be criminals that we don’t want in our country in the first place.  We would have less crowding in the jails and less pressure on our law enforcement.  The goal is to keep our country safe and secure.  If ICE were able to operate under these rules they would have so much more support and cooperation from everyone.  Especially the Liberals.

Then we put up the wall.  We need the wall to be built to slow down the drug trafficking and permanently keep the criminal element out.  Read our article “Border Barriers are the International Norm“.

If we approached immigration reform in this manner things would be so much more peaceful.  All of those who have come here to create better lives for themselves would no longer have to live in fear.  Those who came here to live a criminal lifestyle would be gone and no longer pose a threat to our society.

If we approached immigration reform in this manner we could break the cycle.  The change starts by shifting the political focus.  Let’s lose the special interests and think about the country as a whole.  People will start to change their attitudes toward others and become proud of their country and what it truly stands for.