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Pete Hegseth’s new book AMERICAN CRUSADE – a “Must Read!”

This is a wonderful book – a must-read for everybody who cares about our country and the future of our democracy. Pete identifies with the lives of real people – not with fantasies fabricated in Washington DC. Pete narrates the Audiobook edition himself giving you a direct link to his passion.

I love it – well done Pete!

This is a fairly short book but in my mind what he talks about makes the crusade great again, and it’s really about going back to a bigger more in-depth vision of the American people standing up and saying what they really want, not being dictated to by Washington DC and not by the Republicans and definitely not by the Democrats. They both are saying one thing and doing another.

Pete’s chapter on “Elitism- The Poison Of Political Correctness” is worth the price of the book alone. Like 2016 he makes a great argument to Make the Great Crusade Again in 2020.

Here’s what key reviewers are saying about this great new book:

“Pete has been a warrior on the battlefield, and now he is a warrior on the battlefield of ideas. Freedom is fragile and must be defended. Pete charts the course for crushing the Left and keeping America free.”

Mark Levin, author of Unfreedom of the Press

“Pete pulls no punches with this book! American Crusade delivers the same clarity, passion, and unapologetic patriotism you see from Pete every day on television. Buckle up, because Pete brings the heat!”

Sean Hannity

“Donald Trump’s election didn’t solve all of America’s problems, but instead made it obvious what they are. Suddenly you saw, often with terrifying clarity, who was on what side. Pete Hegseth’s terrific new book will tell you what happens next-and what you can do about it.”

Tucker Carlson

“From his provocative title to his forensic demolition of all the fashionable “isms” (globalism, multiculturalism et al) to his beautiful call to “fall in love with the gift America delivers”, Pete Hegseth has written a brilliant, trenchant, clear-eyed diagnosis of our present troubles and a stirring blueprint for the way forward on the home front. He’s right: This is no time to be what he calls “a fifty/fifty American”, and there is no better way than this fine, well-argued book to up your percentage in the right direction.”

Mark Steyn

Pete also forcefully argues that all of the swamp dwellers in DC are out of touch with reality, not just the Democrats but Republicans as well. He condemns those who find it easier to hate Trump than to actually stand up for what’s right. That’s what he means by the American Crusade – when Americans stood up and said we want change, and that was the 2016 election. I like to look at how crazy we made Democrats – they had no clue they were going to lose control of this country, and not be able to deepen the swamp and line their pockets with more money. Not that a few of the Republicans haven’t done the same.

Pete talks about how we have the largest most effective economy in the world, but that we have some of the worst education systems in the world. We are focusing way too much on supporting liberal colleges with inept college professors who can’t be fired. We have abandoned our younger children and high school students in low income urban areas  – neighborhoods where years ago we cared about the poor and the working man and those who could not help themselves.

He talks about the need to stop the poison of political correctness. Obviously we don’t believe in political correctness here at “UnpoliticallyCorrect.org” nor do 75-80% of the people in this country (Click here for link). Telling people what they want to hear, never answering a question, making up or redirecting facts – these are things Pete brings up in this book that all really need to be talked about.

This book really makes me feel good about the possibilities for America. If we go back to just being what we used to be – loyal Americans, Americans first, not Republican or Democrats.