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I Wonder If The Minorities And Illegals Realize They Are Being Used By The Democratic Party? 

We need to turn illegal immigrants, legal immigrants, and minorities back into Conservative Democrats and/or Republicans, people who care about life, respect, and doing the right thing for others.

I Wonder If The Minorities And Illegals Realize They Are Being Used By The Democratic Party?

Up until 1969, most minorities and immigrants were Republicans. Many of the minority groups share the same ideals and value system as the Republican party.

It was when the Democrats started making everything free for them (making them dependent) and leading them to believe that the Republicans were out to hurt them that they changed to the Democratic party.

The Democrats realized this was the way for them to get the minority votes.

They know that the only way they can win the elections is to get the minority and illegal votes. So, they’ve turned the minority groups into victims.  Victims that only the Democrats can save?

I think the President ought to legalize all the dreamers, including their families, which is at least a million and a half people, immediately.  He should ask for nothing in return. Just say it’s the right thing to do and 70% of the people in this country think it’s the right thing to do.

It would drive the Democrats absolutely crazy.

They wouldn’t know what to do about it. Are they going to condemn him for it? They’ve all said they are all for open borders.  Are they going to vote against it? I don’t think so. If they do, I think it would be political suicide. That would just be the beginning.

The second thing is the President seriously needs to do is take the control and responsibility out of the hands of the Democrats, not the empty promises they have given.

He should make a list of what will happen to this country if the Democrats win the next election.  Then decide if that is something he wants to live with. Or he could take 20% of that list and do it himself.  He’d win the election, easily.

But, here is an even more amazing opportunity for the President.

Let’s get a 10-year full funding for a politically responsible wall.  Read the article by Stephen Johnson “New Alternative to Trump’s Wall Would Create Jobs, Renewable Energy, and Increase Border Security” (click here to read).  It says that “A consortium of 28 engineers and scientists has proposed that – instead of building a simple barrier along the approximately 2,000-mile border – the U.S. and Mexico could work together to build an industrial park along the divide that would include desalination facilities, solar energy panels, wind turbines and natural gas pipelines.  The plan would not only provide the region with border security – considering it’d be a continuous train of heavily guarded industrial facilities – but also energy, water and jobs.” This would be a great solution.

We need to legalize the people that are here now (and I would suggest sending troops to the border to shut it down until the wall is completed).

See our article on Total Immigration Reform (click here). But the asylum seekers should have limitations, absolutely. Us not turning away people who are seeking fake asylum is a joke. One judge in this country created this whole problem by saying we can only hold people for twenty days. The Democrats won’t fund enough beds for us to hold these people. They don’t want us to hold them. They want them to come into the country.  Well so do I, but legally.

Folks need to realize that 66% of the asylum seekers are rejected.

We’re getting all excited about something that only a fraction of the people ever qualifies for. A lot of them are coming here for the right reasons. Everybody wants the freedom and the best life in the world, there’s no question about that. Do they deserve that? Yes, they do, but we can’t accommodate all of them. If we go bankrupt who is going to take care of the rest of the world and help keep it safer?

The United States will actually go bankrupt.  Even if you take every single dime from the one percenters, we couldn’t pay for free healthcare. Period. It wouldn’t cover it. You take 100% of their income, there are no more rich people to pay for Socialism or whatever. You take 100% of their money and you still can’t do healthcare and welfare for everybody. It doesn’t cover it. It’s hundreds of trillions of dollars.

How are we going to support this?

We can’t forget that the Democrats truly believe in open borders.  This is what we have learned from the recent debates.  The Democrats don’t want to criminalize anybody coming across the border. They don’t want any walls on the border. And, they just want everybody to come because they believe they’ll get their votes.

That’s what’s really changed over the years. The Democrats have been very successful in changing the benefits and the reasons to come to America convincing immigrants the Democratic Party is the way to go.  Why wouldn’t they?

Well, the minute you change that and legalize them everything changes.

Those immigrants who want to be an American, with the same conservative value system that makes us America, will become Republicans. You watch. The Democrats will give him his wall then?

Let’s not forget to green card all the rest of the illegal people in the country, which will make the criminals stand out because they won’t pass the background check and then we can deport them. There’s thirty million. Not eleven or ten or twelve million illegal immigrants in this country. There’s thirty million. I believe that.  And many of them are voting illegally. That’s why the Democrats don’t want the question on the census. The know that the country would not be favorable to their cause if they knew the truth.

We know it. We’ve proved it. But we keep ignoring it. We don’t do anything.

Just look at California. How many illegal immigrants voted there? They used names of dead people and social security numbers, etc. Is there anything being done about that? Absolutely not.

Trump wants to fix this problem, but he keeps getting stonewalled. He wants to increase the security on voting. He doesn’t want to decrease it.

Why do you think the liberals don’t want you to have to show your driver’s license or an I.D. card to vote? I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.

The one thing I did get out of the recent debates is that the Democrats really want open borders. The good news is almost all of them have said it.  The cat’s out of the bag. Everyone’s talking about it.

The other debate topic I got a kick out of is when they asked if everybody including illegal immigrants should get total health care. We’re giving it to them anyway. If somebody’s sick, we take care of them. But they all raised their hands.

They need to ask one other question: “Should everybody, including illegal immigrants get total health care at the expense of a 20% increase in all your income taxes?”

Every single hand will go down except for maybe the socialist people.

If we get socialism in the country it will no longer be America.  America believes in social safety nets for anyone who needs them, but never socialism.

There is no way we can fund one of the things the socialist agenda wants to do by taking all of the riches that we have in the country, let alone try and fund four of them. Somebody has to stop the insanity.

I’m not saying that the Republicans have all of the answers either. But right now, Trump needs to settle down with the other countries in regard to trade, so that we can have more jobs. And gain the minority, and legal immigrants votes.

Let’s see how that looks.