Unpolitically Correct

Romney is no doubt a rhino to the to the Republican Party.

His hate for Trump is like that of a few other people, and many of the vocal Democrats, where they’re willing to turn on the people who endorsed them, voted for them and are there constituents. I believe Mr. Trump endorsed him.

But as a Democrat and a conservative Democrat I don’t want Romney. I don’t want Romney to be part of the Democratic Party.

“Who would of thought Romney and George Soros would be on the same team.”  

Romney to do anything other than account for his own interest, doesn’t realize by turning on Donald Trump is still turning on Republicans that voted for Trump and embolden the 47% of the takers, that cost him his last election.

Those are the poor and middle-class that struggle and some can’t take care of themselves or don’t want to. But because he doesn’t realize that when you hate anybody, and when you, make decisions based on hate it’s never good.

He thinks he has some of his constituents behind him after asking them loaded questions, he got elected because no one (really) ran against him.

There is no crime committed in those tapes or asking China to help us find corruption. Even Romney’s people that work for him believe that, by the local news media, claims he is less than ethical sometimes, and so he needs to check his own inventory before he makes those claims, but he only wants to stand out as an anti-Trumper just in case Trump doesn’t make it.

He would never ever be considered as someone to run for president again if he has any of those ambitions. He’s kind of a disgrace from the last election when he ran for President. You have a Republican president you can make your comments about what his policies are, but to take him on personally you take on his followers, and he delivers, like it or not. I don’t expect any Democrats to be any different with their nominee or their leader they should support their leader, maybe criticize some of their principal policies.

Romney needs to lower the rhetoric and keep Trump in power, does he realize if Trump doesn’t stay in power that he might lose most of his riches, as the team is going to go away, and all our lives will change, and not for the better. Does he think Joe Biden is innocent? He committed a felony on TV. I don’t want Romney to be part of the Democratic Party, but it looks like he’s trying.