Unpolitically Correct
It’s time for President Trump to …

…go back to talking to real people and stop talking to the fake people in Washington DC. He is wasting time talking to the media and the other fakes in Washington DC – he needs to talk to the People, all of us. He needs to address the Democrats as his followers – he knows that Conservatives and middle of the road Democrats are going to vote for him if he will just acknowledges them.


You can’t call all the Democrats bad. I’m a Democrat and I don’t like our leadership at all, I think it is corrupt and I think there is corruption in the Republican party too. Let’s skip parties and talk about liberals and conservatives, liberalism and socialism.


The President should address the American people and say “I want to talk to the Democrats, the real Democrats, not the Democrats in Washington DC who are elected on one platform and then completely change their mind.”


I’m all for politicians changing their mind provided that the facts change but when they get elected on one promise and then do the opposite even though the facts haven’t changed – I say they actually had a completely different agenda. In other words – they lied to get elected. Why we continue electing anyone that is so anti-American in their behavior is beyond my wildest nightmares and that includes our mayors, our governors, and our state legislatures – that’s where a thorough housecleaning needs to begin at once.


Trump should address Conservative Democrats – a large constituency and highly underrated by almost everyone. Conservative Democrats are by far the quietest about their politics – they just go to the polls and vote for Trump. I’m one of them and I don’t get into arguments with Democrats about their stupid philosophy because they are so socialistic. We can’t afford to throw away so many lives under socialism and the environment. We need to fix the environment but we need to do it in a pragmatic way over time. We can easily get rid of fossil fuels over 50 and 60 years but we need to do it slowly not all at once, not putting people out of work. We forget that we are using fossil energy revenue to fix the environmental issues – does anybody in the expensive DC thinktanks that dictate policy realize that? More than half of the revenue that goes into dealing with environmental issues comes from fossil fuel’s profit, somebody needs to point that out and address the reality of how we’re going to pay for all this environmental effort, that almost everyone agrees is important, if we manage to kill the fossil fuel industry before its time.