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It’s Time to Cut off the Head of the Snake; Iran –  Yes, They are the Elephant in the Room or World

I’m concerned about Iran supporting terrorism around the world more so than them actually using a bomb tomorrow.

But if they get a bomb they just may use it. Thousands of Iranian people a day chant “death to America…death to Israel”.  People don’t see it here because the liberal media won’t put it out there. But they hate us to the level that they’re willing to risk all their lives to kill us (and go to Heaven for it according to certain beliefs). We need to do what it takes to cut off the head of the snake.

If Iran continues to provoke us and the world, we should take aggression and give them a warning.

We need to deal with it by planning a five-day incursion with the help of Israel.  I know how all this will look politically, but Israel is so good at what they do.  Between the two of us in five days we could do 3,000 or 4,000 sorties and take out 95% of Iran’s nuclear capabilities. There are ways to do this without destroying them and causing as little collateral damage as possible. No ground troops. Maybe a free special force. To me this would not be war, but a highly conditioned response to many years of terrorized actions.

Last I saw we have 9 or 10 main targets.  Don’t just hit them with one bomb; take them out.  If they have nuclear manufacturers deep in the ground destroy it.  I would also take out all their military airports and airplanes as well.  This takes them down to where they have to think twice about how to move forward.

Just make sure they can’t be a nuclear or terrorist threat to the world anymore.

To stop them from supporting terrorists we need to take out Iran’s financial capabilities and let their people deal with their leaders.   Don’t allow them to import or export oil out of their country. Blockade everything until they stop supporting terrorism.  That’s all we want them to do.  Stop sending money to terrorists around the world.  Quit starving their own people to support nuclear military and terrorism.

If that happens, think of the impact.  That’s what I think a lot of people really need to do some research on.  Syria would be over with because US and Russia can make a deal with Syria to get Assad to go away. Let him move on to another country or something.

Then we’ll help Syria by helping them to develop and run their own democracy.

Hopefully not one that’s fake like Russia’s but have us help.  We will help feed the people.  Not rebuild the country.  Let Russia rebuild the country because Russia can benefit economically from Syria more than we can.

But don’t let Russia take over Syria.  That wouldn’t work. You think we struggle with Muslims, imagine Russia.  That’s what’s unique about them supporting Assad.  But I do believe we could really settle it down and they could become allies.

No one talked about the five-day conflicts that were over before they started.

Measured responses is why Obama and the United Nations have been so unsuccessful. Shock and awe works. It will defer other nations from doing the wrong thing and it saves lives and a lot of money on both sides of the conflict.

Saudi Arabia also should chip in money and resources.  Then all the countries that are in turmoil around Saudi Arabia and the Middle East would settle down. The terrorism in the Middle East would be greatly diminished.  The threats to the rest of the world would be diminished 50% to 60% by cutting off the head of the snake.

And that snake is Iran.

We need to remove them as a threat without entirely destroying their military. We made that mistake in Iraq and they all turned on us.

What if Iran took 40% of their oil revenue and gave it to their people and allowed other countries to help them redo their business?  Everything would belong to the Iranian people.  Give the people 40% of the revenue and the other 60% would go to running their oil companies and government. It would be like Venezuela in the old days.  There would be enough money to stabilize the country in a few years.

Cutting off the head of the snake is a fast way to settle down the world in a lot of ways.  Now Pakistan would have to settle down and work better with us even though they say they are our ally.

Also, what do you think North Korea is going to do?

They’re going to know what we will do if Kim Jong-un doesn’t play ball.  Then there is China.  We either get a deal with them or walk away because they’re not helping us with North Korea.  North Korea’s money mostly comes from China.  Read our article on China and the threat they are to us. We can deal with them economically.

But right now, the problem is Iran. And the solution is to work with Israel by taking out Iran’s nuclear capabilities and stopping them from supporting the terrorists.  Who knows what new allies we will make.  Let’s get this done.