Unpolitically Correct
It’s Time To Declare The Cartels Terrorists

The president needs to go forward and declare all the cartels in the world as terrorist organizations, especially on or near our border with Mexico.

We need to go after them now and we need to clean them up and save hundreds of thousands of lives now.

The President of Mexico is afraid of them, and I don’t blame him. He needs our help but he can’t ask for it, because the Cartels are so violent. The Mexican government can’t handle it themselves – they haven’t been able to handle it for 50 years. They don’t have the Control of their own military. When it comes to the Cartels they have the violent political staying power, but the president of Mexico is being threatened – his own life, his families and his friends lives, and everybody he knows are all being held hostage by the Cartels. We have seen what they do to people who disagree with them. Why in the heck can’t we get the point that we can save more people in one year in Mexico and the US than we can saved in all the wars we’ve fought against dictators and madmen like Saddam since World War II. In one year we could stop the majority of drugs coming across the border and stop the majority of the of the human trafficking as well. A war on Cartels would slow down immigration immensely – it would bring a stop to people being used as a business and stop the need for them fleeing violence. I’m talking about sending our troops to the northern Mexican and Southern American Border and take on the Cartels one by one. 20,000 to 30,000 troops put down there would do more good than we could anywhere else in the world, not to mention that this intervention would ultimately help Mexico become a less corrupt country. Once you get rid of the major corruption and clean up corruption all away down to the local policeman on the street you can clean up Mexico top to bottom. Mexico could then become an even stronger partner and ally. They could replace 1/3 to 1/2 of all of the business we do with an ungrateful and increasingly aggressive China, creating a great economy for the Mexico people who would then not feel they have to come to the US just to come here just to survive. Mexico would at last become a true partner with us, manufacturing and building all those essential things that we can’t or don’t want to do, and we would do the same for them. This would become a true alliance which can be extended to include all of North America.

I think we could help Canada and Mexico and make a much tighter alliance than we have ever had in the past or even contemplated.

By focusing heavily on building our alliance we would become so strong that we could, working together, then begin truly helping the other countries in South and Central America. We would be better able to help others by being more nationalistic ourselves, and encouraging Mexico and Canada to do the same, with every country eventually becoming more self sufficient but also more closely linked together by true (not Globalist) mutual self-interest. The prosperity this would generate would allow the US, Mexico and Canada working together to declare the cartels terrorists, cut off their money supply and go in and break up areas that they control. Does anybody think the cartels are less of a terrorist threat than Isis? They’ve killed 10 times more people, 20 times more people, and we just don’t seem to get that simple math. The Cartels do all the things Isis does – they kidnap and torture indiscriminately, they butcher their victims and cut people’s heads off and hang their headless bodies on lampposts.  We don’t see that about the cartels because of their powerful media lobbying in the US. Yes the cartels have hidden lobbyists crawling all over Congress taking their drug money.

Thanks to the President Isis is now greatly diminished with no Caliphate, it’s time for him to do this to the Cartels.

He can’t be listening to the personal concerns of the Mexican President. Let’s go help him on our own initiative and more importantly help ourselves. They are so afraid of the cartel they cannot make a rational decision. Obviously the intimidation factor is far beyond any political ability to make a rational decision. The United Nations is worthless because they are powerless and don’t like America. We are the only nation that can save Mexico and by doing so we could turn Mexico into one of the best alliances the United States has ever had. Mexico is already our largest trading partner so let’s make them an even larger partner. Why are we doing business and sending money to people who want to undermine and destroy our democracy. Mexico will never be a threat to the US. The Mexican people and the government want to be our allies in fighting the Cartels, which are directly or indirectly killing millions of people for pure profit. I’m confident that we can cut that death toll

in half almost immediately simply by getting rid of the US side of the Cartel’s organizations because then we will been able to stabilize both drug trafficking and immigration without congress.

The President should put up a stealthy bill with a Republican Congressmen to open the door for this intervention to take down the Cartels and then announce it to the people and ask for their support over any objections Congress may come up with.  As a lifelong Democrat I would be behind the President’s initiative and most of my Friends even many anti-Trumpers would support it. Of course, I’m not talking about the stonewalling Democrat politicians – I am talking about all the real Democrats that care about their fellow Americans no matter what party they belong to. I urge the President to sign an executive order to start this process right now and get it done.

Like the defeat of ISIS it will happen quickly under this President’s leadership.

We’ll see very quickly who the corrupt politicians are – they will be the ones who rise up would fight this initiative.Let’s bring all those DEA and CIA operatives and agents back from all those countries where we’ve never been able to do anything anyway and put them all to work on the front lines of this fight. I am urging the President to concentrate on our border and to get the Cartels designated as Terrorists as quickly as possible and using any authority he has to make the move. He’s already done a lot of what is needed to implement this plan – now he just needs to go ahead and pull the trigger.

An America-First Democrat