Unpolitically Correct
It’s Time To Move On – Everybody Gets It – But….

With all of this talk about the right to protest we need to remember that peaceful protesting is good but when it gets violent, with people taking advantage of the protesters and using them, then We the People’s right to protest has been hijacked by terrorists as surely as if we were all trapped in a hijacked 747.

Thank God we seem to have made it through the worst of the looting and burning.  I think that labeling Antifa a terrorist organization made them totally back off and go away because they don’t want us to know how organized they really are and who is really funding them. You know who it is – it’s the same bad actors that we’ve seen hijacking other causes that regular people care about.

And we believe that these are many of the same people who have hijacked the Union movement in this country.

We believe that this current situation is an opportunity to take care of bad actors who use their corrupt power to steal billions – the Unions.  The police, teachers and government Unions have outlived their purpose. The teachers and the police and the government employees need to represent themselves and elect their own local leaders.  Each Police Department, every School District, and every government agency should have its own leader and they should have the same authority to make big decisions that the Union bosses now keep to themselves. Each department need to be able to fire bad actors and that should be up to the local leadership.

Beginning with the civil rights movement, today we have thousands of laws that protect employees so we don’t need the union protection for that anymore. We need to be able to fire the bad actors and clean up the 3-4% of the bad police, teachers and bureaucrats who need to be dealt with. If a police chief could fire a bad cop himself, or if a Principal could fire a bad teacher for cause, we wouldn’t have anywhere near the problems we do. The Chief knows who the bad cops are, and the Principal knows who the bad teachers are – they just can’t do anything about it because of the Unions.

I firmly believe that this current crisis is considerably less about race than it is that we’re just allowing some people that are mentally off-balance to become cops and carry a gun.

In the teachers union it’s the same way. 5% of the teachers simply need to retire or find other work – and not as high-paid school administrators either!  70% of the teachers are on record as wanting their own school to be able to fire the bad teachers yet the unions consistently take their own constituency to court to stop any such efforts.

On the issue of reforms, you can rearrange the police departments all you want but if you keep the union nothing will change. Unions will always protect the bad actors. Teachers are afraid to offend the union – not the parents, not the kids – the union! That that’s not the way to run things.

The police are the same way. They are afraid to do anything that will affect their pensions, which the Unions control 100%. The Unions even treat pensions as slush funds that they grab for their own use with no accountability.  Pensions should not be under the control of the Unions at all. I do believe that organized labor can and should be 10 times bigger than it is today but because the systematic corruption is so entrenched the possibility for growth is severely limited. Unions used to be a lot better organizations – they really cared about the people that they represented and ran the Union organizations pretty well. These days the Unions only take care of the Union hierarchy and their sponsors in the Democratic party. They give 80%-90% of their political slush funds to the Democratic Party. Now I’m not against the Democratic Party – I’m a lifelong Democrat – but there’s something very wrong there in the Democratic Party today. The Mainstream Media runs the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party may think it runs the Unions but it is actually the other way around.

The Unions are taking advantage of the Democratic Party and frankly making it look really bad

and I don’t want my party look any worse than it is right now. It’s time for the Democratic party to back away from the Unions and focus on changing the unworkable election financing laws. I understand that would severely impact Democratic party finances, at least at first, but it would allow them to properly support the police, teachers and government employees in a move toward independent, local organized labor that can work with and not against the interests of local communities.