Unpolitically Correct
Let’s Make the Immigrants Republicans Again

We need a program the Republicans can put forward that allows all illegal immigrants in this country (those who are on this side of the new wall) to be legally here.  We need solutions that are workable.

This does not mean that they are legal American citizens but that they have green cards and do not have to worry about dodging the legal system or running to the sanctuary cities and things of that sort. These would be temporary green cards that they would be issued until the border wall is built.  Once the wall is up they could continue to go through the proper channels and become more legal. (Read our article titled 5-Step Total Immigration Reform Program Can Be Implemented Now). They would also be required to learn the English language ensuring them the ability to get a better education as well as better job opportunities, helping them to acclimate to our society, and to help reduce the use of public assistance.

If the Republicans came up with a system that allowed this they would have more loyalty from both legal and illegal immigrants and their vote.  The majority of these people have the same values as the Republicans do as most do not believe in abortion nor do they believe in strong government controls.  They have fled from corrupt governments to be here.

The Republican Party needs to start thinking in these terms rather than playing into the hands of the Democratic Party.  If the Republicans went this route and gained these votes they would have the majority and total controlling interest in the next election.

The Republicans need to think bigger than just DACA.  They need to address total immigration and help all the immigrants change parties. The process for all of these people to become legal would probably take an effort, but the outcome would be worth it.  Temporary green cards would alleviate much of the stress that has been placed on the businesses and industries that rely on the employment of many of these immigrants and help to rid us of the criminal immigrants sooner.

So, let’s redo the total immigration system!  Who cares if an extra few million people get to stay here?  As long as we have a wall and we ensure the security and future of our country it’s more than worth it.  We need to stop thinking about whether it is 2 million or 8 million or 850,000.  Just make sure the wall gets built. (Read our article titled 5-Step Total Immigration Reform Program Can Be Implemented Now).  Trying to do it in pieces won’t work. There are too many self-interest groups involved.  You allow 11 to 22 million illegal immigrants in and they will help you sell no chain migration.

I agree with our article “Use DACA as the Reason for Total Immigration Reform NOW!” posted on November 30, 2017.  It talked about tabling DACA and implementing a five-point total immigration plan.  I think the plan would easily work for both parties.  It’s not giving a free pass to all illegal immigrants.  Those who truly want to be here should have a little skin in the game. It ensures that the wall is built and it slows down the drug traffic trade saving thousands of lives.  If we could get this approved by April in principle, then the Republicans would win in November.

Again, if the Republicans could go the extra step beyond DACA and address total immigration they would gain a controlling interest in the next election.  We need 60 senators in the next election not 51 in the Senate. Plus control the House.  It’s what we need to be able to pass the bills that need to be passed and let President Trump accomplish what he set out to do.  Imagine the work that could be done if the Republicans didn’t have all of the stonewalling from the Democrats.

The President needs to go directly to the legal and illegal immigrants.  Not the politicians. The Democrats don’t represent the immigrants.  They are using them!  The President needs to talk to the people. Tell the voters your plan with total immigration reform.  Table DACA.