Unpolitically Correct
Look!  Shiny Object! Or is it Just Fake News?

Trump needs to get out of the “fake news” business.  I think he’s played that one as far as it can go.  I understand his position of defending himself and calling out the media, but it is eroding the middle.  We all know “fake news” is alive and real.  But calling it out constantly only spurs on the hate and spite with everyone.

I think so much good has been accomplished, but it seems to get covered up by reactions to the President’s tweets.  For every good deed that this Administration accomplishes the press re-directs the American people’s attention to another tweet or reaction that the President has had to “fake news”.  We the American people have fallen victim to “Look! Squirrel!” or “Look! Shiny Object!”.

While I support the right to free speech 100%, our lack of tolerance for one another and their opinions has risen to an all-time low in how we treat one other.  The amount of disrespect that has been shown by our media has been a complete embarrassment to our country.  This is what we are teaching our children.  That this is okay and acceptable.  I think it is morally wrong. We need to make sharing misinformation shameful.  Or as a line in the article How Your Brain Tricks You Into Believing Fake News by Katy Steinmetz in Time Magazine says: we need to make sharing misinformation as shameful as drunk driving.

The President needs to focus on ways to keep the momentum going on those truly good things that are being accomplished.  He needs to stop reacting to the negativity so much.  Let’s lead by positive example.  We also need to hold our cards closer when it comes to what information we are letting the world know about our business.  They don’t need to know our every strategic step.

Cut back on all the tweets and weekly press conferences.  All we get from the press on those is a forever long commentary and dissection of what words he used and how he said them.  But nothing about what was actually said.

The press conferences and political debates need to be limited and they need to have a standard code of ethics similar to that of a college debate team.  Could you imagine if they followed those same rules?

  • Respect others
  • Adhere to a high standard of competitive ethics
  • Maintain a courteous and sporting attitude

Debaters aren’t allowed to manipulate the facts.  Can you imagine if our press and politicians were held to the same standards?  We the people could actually make far more better-informed decisions.

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