Unpolitically Correct
March On. Talk. But Do Something.

I am very excited about all of these kids getting involved and doing their marches and whatnot. I think it’s very exciting. I know a lot of them don’t really understand what they are marching about. Maybe a short fact sheet should be distributed to marchers at a rally. This way if the press asks you a question you can have an answer.

It saddens me that some of the media is portraying them as a pawn of the Democratic Party. These are good kids and peaceful marchers. At least they’re trying and are out there doing something. They may or may not have all the answers, but they are fed up and will help push an agenda. They are tired of fearing for their lives in their own schools.

I do think we need to have a dialogue and that’s what I’m hoping we’ll see more of. We need less shouting and more debating with no hate and no violence. We need to sit down and talk to people about what they think. There’s no reason to yell at anybody. There’s no reason to shout at anybody. We all get emotional, but we need to just talk about the issues. When people shout people stop listening.

That’s what we here at Unpolitically Correct are trying to do. We are trying to rise above all of the noise and yelling and just talk and come up with reasonable workable solutions to the issues in our country and in the world. Read “About Unpolitically Correct”.

Right now we are inundated with ‘fake news’, which seems to be causing so much chaos. How do we overcome this chaos and start talking to each other again? We need to lose the ‘fake news’ and find the truth. Read the article “We Need The Media To Give Us Real, Honest Information So We Can Make More Educated Decisions Then They Are Making For Us Now”.

Usually, you’ll hear us say Stop Talking Do Something. But right now we really need our Congress to stop talking and listen to each other, then do something.