Unpolitically Correct
Mueller, Mueller, Mueller

The Mueller Report.

Listening to the media beat this report to death is excruciating.  They remind me of Jan on the Brady Bunch always saying “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia”.

The report is out.  They DID NOT find him guilty.  An investigation done by people who pretty much despise him.  If any group of people were going to find something on him, it was them.  But they didn’t.

Can you imagine how you would feel if you knew you were innocent?  You’d be frustrated and emotional I’m sure.  I think the President has shown that he is one of the strongest individuals on the planet.  Can you imagine thousands of people coming at you every day? And you’re still successful.

Can we be happy that our President isn’t guilty?  Nope.

Will we move on?  Nope.

Why?  Because the media is going to spin this every which way they possibly can.  How else are they supposed to keep their ratings up?

Who’s going to investigate the collusion between the media and the politicians?

All the leaks and lies.  Here’s the real collusion.

Everybody loves dirty laundry.