Unpolitically Correct
National debt will not increase in the next four years

The U.S. national debt will not grow over the next four years. It is impossible! Using a 1.9 percent growth rate to do the accounting is ridiculous. Even Democrats should understand that. The growth rate is 3.1 percent today – and there is no possible way it will go down over the next four years.

Don’t worry about 10 years out when it comes to individual taxes; we will adjust that in the next term when we control the House and the Senate. If we lower corporate taxes to 20 percent – in 2018, not 2019 – that will have the highest impact on the American economy and on jobs. Period.

It will also give us the biggest increase in wages. The individual tax rates, whatever they end up being, will not do near as much as a 20 percent corporate tax when it comes to increasing wages and helping boost employment.

I still believe that the rich will get richer – even though they are already paying more, not less, in taxes when you add up the deductions they’ve lost.

Don’t let the Democrats control a dishonest narrative. Get out there and show the facts. Use a PowerPoint presentation using the real expected numbers for each category.

I still believe economists are making a huge mistake by not looking at the wealthiest 20 percent of taxpayers who pay 80 percent of the taxes. We very well could have 20 percent of taxpayers paying 90 percent of the taxes by 2020. Who wouldn’t want that?

Are you for income equality or for making more money? It is your choice.

Trump needs to not delay this even one year or he will risk losing control of the House and Senate.

Tell the truth: The national debt will not increase over the next four years.