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No Hate No Violence

There Is No Place in This World for Hate or Violence






We need a new ideology, one that combats terrorists, racists, bigots, religious zealots, politicians, and anyone else spreading hate and violence in the world.

That ideology is No Hate, No Violence. If we all encourage this belief, then the US and the world will become a better place.

If you hate something, you need to ask yourself why. If you really look at it, you might be able to modify, erase, or mute your hate. Hate is a feeling and emotion, one that can be easy to feel. In America, we are fortunate to have free speech and the ability to believe what we want. This leads to conflict, but that’s okay. It’s perfectly acceptable to disagree with a belief and to promote your own. But is it never acceptable to promote hate or violence towards those who disagree with you.

No Hate, No Violence is an ideological approach to combat terrorists, racism, politics, and other relations. Who can logically disagree with avoiding hate or violence? Who can argue against the idea? And if they do, why should we listen to them? If they hate, that’s their problem. We don’t have to lower to their level.

If you ask anyone if they believe in hate or violence, most would say no. So why then do we have so much in the world? If you believe in hate, you may know some others who agree with you, but the majority of your peers, friends, family, and society may not. If you do or promote violence in this world, someone, a group, a government, a country, or all the above will always be against you. Violence is the last resort to solve issues of any kind.

We all need to work on discouraging hate and violence in the world. It starts with us and our elected leaders and politicians. The more we identify with this ideology, the faster we can minimize hate and violence in the world, and the sooner we can help spread the message. The more we can eliminate or minimize hate, the better the world will be. It might take one hundred years to change all the world and the way most people think and approach hate and violence, but every person that adopts this type of thinking will help in the fight for peace and tolerance around the world.

If you believe in no hate and no violence, scream it from the rooftops, share it with a community leader, a co-worker, your local politician. Pass it on. This ideology needs to spread to people who can honestly and passionately get behind it and influence it, individual(s) who can develop it into policies and spread the word and transform these words into action.  We may not be able to eliminate all hate or violence in this world, but we together with similar thoughts and purpose we can significantly minimize it. We can be the good guys again and create a platform from which we can work to eliminate the radical terrorists without just war.

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