Unpolitically Correct
No Man Or Woman Tells Me How To Vote!

In the spirit of Women’s History Month, let’s talk about another woman who is making history, but not in the way that I would want to be represented as a woman.

I know that many people admire and respect Hillary Clinton. To be honest, I am not one of them. I didn’t appreciate her comments made in her speech in India. I found them to be sad and disheartening.

“We do not do well with white men and we don’t do well with married, white women. And part of that is an identification with the Republican Party, and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.”

I did not vote for Hillary. But I did not vote for Hillary because my husband, or my boss, or my son told me to not vote for her. I did not vote for her because I did not want her to be the President. Her comments only validate my initial choice and my concerns with her.

And all of my female friends who voted, well they voted for who they wanted to vote for too. Not for whom anyone else told them to vote for whether it be Trump or Clinton.

The fact is I am a female who has historically voted for the Democratic Party. But I could not in good conscience vote for her. I don’t like what she represents. I think the idea that she thinks she should have won the votes of women and win the election just because she is a female is ludicrous as well as an insult.

I think there are tons of people out there who support Trump, but are afraid to express their opinion because of the backlash that they will get from other people, especially the media.

“I won the places that represent two-thirds of America’s gross domestic product. So I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward. And his whole campaign, ‘Make America Great Again,’ was looking backwards.” 

What does that mean? Are you saying that the part of America that did not vote for you isn’t optimistic, diverse, dynamic, or moving forward? Are you saying that the majority of Americans do not possess these qualities? What a huge slap in the face to the American people. And you wonder why you lost.

The solution:  I think both political parties need to take responsibility and quit insulting each other and the American people and produce better candidates for us to choose from.

What do you think?

~ Common Sense Woman