Unpolitically Correct
Now, Can We Get the Truth Please?

Now that these investigations won’t interfere with the just released Mueller Report we need to get some things going about being more honest and forthright between the media and Congress. Let’s face it. We have some major issues going on with our FBI and the Department of Justice. Past and present. We all know felonies have been committed from the top down.

Our government needs to make a move forward on this. We all know that if and when the truth is released it’s going to shake things up. But how can we as a nation move forward if we aren’t even given the opportunity to know the truth and to address it?  We need to do this as fast as possible.  Indict the guilty and plea bargain them out. We need to restore faith in our justice system.

Everything is based around the elections, President Trump, and not about what the right thing to do is. There are so many unanswered questions and accusations flying around. Was Hilary doing illegal things including conspiring against Trump with the DNC and Russia? What happened with our FBI? There are so many more questions and America want to know!

We, the citizens, are not stupid. We know that with today’s technology nothing is erased, and everything is discoverable. Hilary’s emails are somewhere safe and sound under lock and key.   We know there is so much information that exists out there that is being kept from us.

What we want is for the Government to do the right thing.   Address these injustices fairly.   If felonies have been committed, then lead by example and indict them. We don’t expect them to be jailed for long periods of time. Just indict them, give them time to tell the truth, and get them out of the office and replaced by someone who can get the job done and be trusted.

They say our country is divided. If it is, it is because our Congress and the media has divided us.   They need to stop hating one another and truly address the corruption that is going on within. Our country wants to be united. President Trump, our leaders need to lead by example. We want our leaders to be accountable to the same laws they are holding us accountable to.

I can’t help but wonder how we must look to other countries in the world. I imagine they are laughing at us. Why wouldn’t they?

Get it all out in the open.   Indict those who should be.   Get those who need to talk to finally talk. And then, let’s move on!