Unpolitically Correct
NRA needs to Re-brand

The NRA has come under increasingly more fire with the recent plague of mass shootings in America. It’s clear that gun reform needs to happen, and we think the NRA could have a positive impact on that if they did a couple simple things:

  1. They should highly promote gun safety courses as a prerequisite for gun ownership. If the NRA were to re-brand themselves and promote gun safety classes as a social event, they would reach a lot more people and start building a better reputation. This would also allow people who are interested in buying a gun to actually test out and feel what guns are really like. No one who hasn’t previously owned a gun should be allowed to just purchase one without taking a class and feeling what the different types of guns feel like. The NRA should have gun manufacturers and stores sponsor these events so that they can offer it to the public for free. The manufacturers could have their guns used in the classes and the gun stores could be allowed to sell and promote at the event in return for sponsorship.
  2. They should advocate for mandatory background checks. The current background check system is underfunded and inefficient. They could charge $20 or so for those people at the events that would like to purchase a gun, then use that money towards funding legislation that protects the American people, not the “swamp”.

Gun control is clearly needed and desired by the public. A recent Gallup poll shows that 67% of Americans feel that the laws covering the sale of firearms should be made more strict. See the full report here. We need gun reform now, and if the NRA took these couple of steps, they could help us get it. Let’s stop talking and do something!