Unpolitically Correct
Paul Ryan Needs to Step Down as Speaker of the House

Paul Ryan has had a career characterized by disagreements, backlash, and a fairly notable achievement. But one thing is clear: he needs to do the right thing for America and step down now.

Yes, Ryan has achieved milestones (e.g. the massive tax overhaul) in his career and has done some great things for America. But it’s also evident that Ryan isn’t a huge fan of President Trump, as they’ve had some major disagreements over the course of Trump’s time in office. Ryan has never been able to take us to the finish line with getting things to Congress. His disapproval and misalignment with the president’s agenda has made sure of that.

It’s time Ryan steps aside and lets new blood enter the game. He needs to let the young people, who are energized and who believe in what the president is doing, come in and take control.

It’s evident Ryan is ready to leave, so he should leave now instead of waiting until November. If he’s still there in November, Republicans will lose the house, and things will be even harder to accomplish for the American people. So please Paul Ryan, do America a service, do what’s right for the people of this country, and step aside.

Photo by Gage Skidmore from Flickr