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People In Blue Are Good People Too

Police are good family people. They live in and contribute to our neighborhoods. We need to stop and get to know our people in blue.  We need to have community involvement get-togethers and town hall meetings with the police. But more importantly, we need to get to know them.  We need to get to know them without the uniform.

I think they should coordinate a community potluck event nationwide. A sponsor could pay for all the main food, burgers, etc. and everyone else brings a dessert or some other small item.  We could bring a thousand people together.  Have twenty-five or thirty police officers and their families attend.  The community could get to know them and realize that these folks are just like the rest of us.

Sadly, all it takes is one bad cop to do something and society labels all the rest as the same.  But it’s no different than any other group of people.  We need to get rid of the stereotypes and embrace No Hate No Violence.

We also really need to be able to get rid of the bad actors.  I’m sure there are some police officers with a personnel file that looks as bad as a rap sheet and they are still working.  If the unions won’t let you fire them then at least get them behind a desk and off the streets without a gun.

I wish all agencies could fire their bad actors.  I think if the unions would allow management to start firing these people (the unions) they would get bigger and stronger.  That’s part of where the unions get a bad name.  The good, hardworking employees get stuck working with the lazy, bad workers and get paid the same amount of money.  And that’s just to name one problem.  It’s frustrating and very unfair.

I think it would be interesting to conduct a poll and find out what the union members think.  But make it a fair poll, not one with questions that lead or promotes someone’s own agenda.  Do a fair poll and get some real, honest feedback.

But, they are good people and well trained.  They are our protectors.  I think when one bad police officer does something wrong they need to be dealing with that officer or getting rid of that officer.  Generally, when a police officer repeatedly does something wrong it’s something in their psyche.  They shouldn’t be forcing all the others to be re-trained.  I do believe we should have a shoot to incapacitate rule instead of a shoot to kill rule.  That’s just my personal opinion.

But blue lives are people and they have families too. They want to be treated like you do. They are not just a uniform.  I believe the majority of them are good people trying to do the best that they can to protect all of us.  I wish that Black Lives Matter would realize this.  Rather than promoting hate towards our police, they should be helping their community to find decent jobs and to stop hurting one another.

Sadly, I’ve come to think that Black Lives Matter is racist.  They seem to see the worst in people.  They focus on the bad and not on the good.  If they could change their attitude and message just imagine the good that they could do.  It’s disappointing to see such a large organization be so divisive rather than promote positive change.

Let’s find ways to unite all of the lives.  Black lives, blue lives, all lives.  Let’s find a way to be happy and to coexist with No Hate No Violence. Read the article “The King of No Hate No Violence“.

Photo by Bryant Arnold from Cartoonaday.com

No Hate No Violence should be in every organization’s mission statement.

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