Unpolitically Correct
President Trump’s Free Trade VS Free Trade Secrets

One thing great about Chinese takeout in America is that it’s made in America.

And American fast food in China is made in China.

We need to realize that the number of exports at .9% and the total of imports at 3.7% from China are at a wholesale level.  This really can’t influence overall retail pricing all that much.  Most of the rhetoric that you hear from the media and Wall Street is hype. This is how they exploit the American consumer.  Remember they make money whether the stock market goes up or down.

It is the tech transfer that is causing the bigger challenge for the tariff negotiations.   We are helping China take over the world under communism or socialism.  But the reality is that China relies on capitalism to make their money.

What the media fails to report is that President Trump BELIEVES IN FREE TRADE.

And that means no tariffs. The way you get rid of tariffs is to make them so unbearable that no one wants to have them.  China has had unfair tariffs on most countries in the world for centuries.  Taking advantage of the world’s capitalism to support their expansion of communism and socialism.  Wouldn’t you say this makes China pretty capitalistic?

For some reason I’m craving some Chinese takeout….