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Proud Papa Quid Pro Joe Looks Pretty Guilty

I don’t believe Hunter Biden could be prosecuted for taking the Burisma job.  But he should be investigated for being on the board of a corrupt company, and the China connection.  I’m sure there probably was some money favors and mishandling going on there.  And I’m sure Hunter accepted money from foreign countries on his and his associates behalf.

So, I ask you where is the $1.8 billion missing from Ukraine?  The same money President Obama sent Vice President Biden to find. Who got it really? Where’s the money?

Lars Larson nails it on the head.



Hunter Biden is not guilty of breaking any laws according to our legal system.  At least none that I’m aware of.  It’s Vice President Joe Biden who has influenced governments and/or did their bidding at a huge cost to American workers. He committed a felony on national TV by bragging about blackmailing the President of Ukraine to fire their attorney general or chief prosecutor even if it was or wasn’t about his son. He forced the President of Ukraine to fire the guy by blackmailing him over getting one billion dollars from the U.S.  And I think we all know why he did it.  Good ‘ol Quid Pro Joe.

How is this not proof of blackmail?

He also probably committed felonies as he dealt with China. He’s always been very good to China, allowing them to rape and pillage the American worker. I don’t know why the unions, or the American workers don’t see how he screwed them all. Who do you think helped move American factories over to China? I think if you went through his donations the dots would get connected exposing some serious back door deals.  He definitely needs to be investigated.

I do think we should leave Hunter Biden alone.  I think he’s just a recovering drug addict trying to make it in his father’s world.  Addicts are unethical and typically will get their money however the easiest way that they can.  We all know that.  But that doesn’t always necessarily mean it is illegal.  Hopefully he is truly recovering.  I think his is just another symptom of his dad’s corruption, but I don’t think he’s as guilty as his father.  Quid Pro Joe is the one that should be prosecuted. I don’t care if he goes to jail because he probably wouldn’t, but at least prosecute him if he’s guilty.

Then we should forgive him as he is product of the swamp, and our last administration.

Your thoughts?