Unpolitically Correct
Senators & Lobbyists VS. The American People

Healthcare Reform … Will It Happen In Our Lifetime?

We have an issue with our current healthcare system and the president needs to take action. Our Senate is divided on implementing any actionable bills that will help “sweep up the pieces” of this broken system. Let’s pass a few small actionable bills to pass as “bandaids” while they create a workable solution to present in 2020. This solution needs to get the majority of both houses to re-focus their attention on an achievable reformation that’s good for us, the American citizens.

The Problem

The employment department is working on something similar for small businesses, but we need to be able to cross state lines to buy insurance while still having small business pools. However, our current Senate knows there is huge money to be made by allowing each state to have their own insurance commissions and they are taking advantage of it by collecting money from lobbyists. Money they can use for their 2020 elections. This needs to stop.

Our Senators and the lobbyists are adding a 7% to 10% tax on top of the insurance policies we are paying for. Imagine if we took that money and gave it to the poor for medical insurance instead. Imagine the good we could do!

There should be one insurance commission with federal oversight of private companies in competition. This plan will squash the insurance bureaucracy while allowing the public to purchase health insurance at a lower cost. If everyone is insured with the idea that the rich help the poor there will be no need for a discussion of preexisting medical issues.

The Solution

How do the rich help the poor? We charge those with higher incomes a 10% higher premium with a tax deduction on it. We then use that 10% and adjust it to pay for the lower income’s limited policy. Those rich will feel better about helping the less fortunate and 100% of Americans will be covered. The rich will gladly pay more if they don’ think their money is being wasted. There will be no need for preexisting coverage, which President Trump wants to do anyway.

The healthcare system is broken and President Trump needs to address it. If he can’t get Congress, or “the Swamp”, to come up with a reasonable solution, then take it to the people because there is a lot of wasted money and it needs to stop.

The public deserves transparency of the facts and the possibilities. After all we’re the ones paying for it. Let’s find that workable solution and force our politicians to make it happen. Don’t forget they’re the ones working for us.