Unpolitically Correct
Social Justice Militants are Alive and Well

Those who promote social justice today in the United States, I am sorry to say, are not all doing it for the right reasons. It appears to me that a lot of social justice radicals say one thing but do another. There are too many social justice hypocrites subverting true, immigration reform as evidenced in probably the best book I’ve read about our borders and immigration issues. The author is Michelle Malkin and the book is entitled Open Borders Inc.

Social justice activists are often so over-empowered by their money and the privileged lives that they lead that they “talk the talk” rather than actually practicing what they preach.

One example would be the social justice activists that do not work directly to get jobs for their neighborhoods; instead they ask for money for their cause. They try to work through the political systems and force people to conform to their plans, but when you can incentivize something why would you have to use force?

One of the things that is very evident is that when it comes to our immigration policies and the liberal community, with the media included, is that open borders are being promoted not because they make sense, but because it is profitable to promote the cause. The media makes billions of dollars promoting open borders and doing the bidding of the politicians, rather than advocating open borders for humanitarian or compassionate reasons. 

When I met and talked with the author last year in Portland, I learned the true “back story” behind this social justice hypocrisy.

The programs being promoted by people who are taking advantage of the immigrants trying to get into this country, and what the so called “social justice” activists like George Soros, as well as the drug cartels want you to believe, all revolve around them making money. They all want to make money first and foremost. We have the cartels and the open borders advocates taking advantage of poor and oppressed people who just want to find a better life. Many of these people are turned into victims of human trafficking, drug trafficking, etc. Billions of dollars are being made by these “social justice advocates” and hundreds of thousand of lives are being lost or put at severe risk simply for the benefit of money.

Michelle Malkin’s book offers the best documented version of what is really going on in the “immigration for money” business that I have seen to date.

She documents the scam with facts and figures and names dozens of corrupt individuals. She does an excellent job of naming the people and organizations that are promoting immigration for money rather than the cause they pretend to expound. This is a really interesting read if you want to learn and entertained at the same time. It is an extremely thought-provoking book. It may not change your position on open borders, the wall, or immigration, but it may make you think about whether and how you want to support it or not.

A highly recommended read.