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Stonewall Riots 50 Year Anniversary Marks the Trump Administration Launch of Global Decriminalization of Homosexuality

The month of June celebrates the LGBTQ civil rights movement and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

It took us 30 years to officially recognize Gay and Lesbian Pride Month and we owe a thank you to President Clinton for this.  As well as a thank you to President Obama for expanding on it in 2009.

While human rights and civil rights still have a long way to go we cannot forget how far we have come.  So often we hear the negative.  We hear the constant media rhetoric making it impossible to know where we are at with anything.

Let’s not forget the progress that has been made and all of the generations prior to this one who have advocated for so many years.  And let’s not dismiss the efforts of those who are trying to encourage the continued progress.

Here we are now marking the 50th anniversary with an even greater milestone, Richard Grenell and the Trump Administration’s launching of the global campaign to finally decriminalize homosexuality around the world.

I applaud all of the groups who despite their negative opinions of the Trump Administration still welcome these efforts.  According to reports from NBC and FOX news there has been skepticism from the different activist groups.

It disappoints me to hear this. To dismiss the Trump Administrations efforts for a change worldwide? To me all this does is tell the rest of the world never mind.  We don’t care about your problems or think we can help you with them.  We would rather discredit someone we don’t like instead of ally with them to help everyone.

In this day and age when there are 73 countries who criminalize homosexuality and 8 who consider it punishable by death how can we not take advantage of any kind of efforts put forward to help end these atrocities?

When a country stands up and challenges the rest of the world to end the criminalization worldwide why wouldn’t you jump on the band wagon and get that momentum going strong?

Why wouldn’t you stand tall behind Richard Grenell, the highest profile openly gay man in the Trump Administration?

I do applaud the dedication and perseverance of the many activists who continue to fight for LGBTQ rights.  It’s amazing what the Rainbow Railroad (www.rainbowrailroad.com) is doing worldwide.  Check out 60 Minutes great story about the work they have done (click here). And that is just to name one organization.  There are so many more one could name.

In the meantime, I hope we see more media coverage updating us on the progress of the Trump Administration’s global campaign.  I think most of us are ready to hear some good news for a change.