Unpolitically Correct
Stop Talking – Do Something!

One of the first things I think we all should look into doing right now is writing a Dreamers Bill to approve citizenship for the about 1.2 million Dreamer families. It should be done simply because it’s ethically and economically the right thing to do.

If President Trump sent that bill to Congress right now, many in Congress would try to prevent it just because it would be a win-win for the President. However, even if Congress ended up passing it after Trump’s presidency, he would still get credit for taking the lead.

He should put this Dreamers Bill up for Congressional approval before the election and ask for nothing in return, saying that he simply wants to have it passed. When people ask why he did it he can just say “Because I think it’s the right thing to do.”

Now, if they ask “Did you do it to get the Hispanic and Immigrant vote?” he should say “Well yes, because if you are doing the right thing, you should get votes.” Don’t run away from the question – take it head on.

This legislation should qualify every Dreamer for full citizenship over the next three to four years. Dreamers should be given a green card immediately so that they can get benefits. Those with felonies on their record don’t qualify for DACA status anyway and must be deported.

One of the greatest economic benefits of this proposal would be that a whole lot more people would pay payroll taxes who are now working for cash, while a great social benefit would be identifying and deporting criminal illegal immigrants.