Unpolitically Correct
Support Our Heroes Fix Our VA

The Democrats need to help the Republicans in straightening out the VA. It really does need help. We need to support some different theories and thoughts about how the VA is run.

The unions need to be a part of the solution, not the problem. They need to support better training and support the firing of those who don’t do it. They need to let the doctors run the hospitals and call the shots on who works when and what their hours are. Right now I understand the unions won’t allow them to work after certain hours so the doctors who want to work more hours can’t.

I also think we should seriously look at privatizing a portion of the VA. Especially in areas that are lightly populated and people have to travel long distances to get care. Our veterans need to have more accessibility to the different types of care that they need. Their care should be readily available to them. Read the article “Privatize the VA to Take Better Care of our Veterans”. Issue a card to the veterans and make sure that every facility has a couple of floors that are dedicated to just VA patients.

Dedicate space where they can hang out together and can continue to be there for each other. I think our veterans would appreciate being part of a regular hospital where they can get everything done especially in areas such as prosthetics and psychological needs. The private sector has had the ability to do more in advancing techniques then the VA has for years.

It needs to all be integrated with the VA. The VA was designed for the right reasons, but it needs to change. Perhaps the VA could become truly all-military meaning that it is run by the military. Military hospitals are well run. It would also provide a great vocation for those enlisting.

It would be interesting to see the results of a comparison between a military-run hospital and a private sector run hospital. See the article “Government Vs. Private Sector VA Hospitals…Let’s Do Both And Look At The Results”. They could trial three and see were the best results come from.

I think this new doctor from the White House being appointed the head of the VA is going to be a good thing. They’re bringing in somebody who isn’t part of the swamp. This is what we need, someone with a fresh perspective and common sense to straighten things out.

What do you think?