Unpolitically Correct
Our Swamp Needs Fresh Water 

We need to eliminate the waste and corruption in the government.  We need to drain the swamp.  We need to support the legitimate whistleblowers that are trying to expose the corruption and make positive change. We need whistleblowers to lower waste. President Trump needs to empower them, give them promotions and bonuses, and we could almost eliminate the annual national debt.  Read the article “Alligators, Whistleblowers, and Bold Moves to Drain the Swamp“.

I think the President has been trying to get all of this corruption in the upper government fixed by letting the legal system do it. But he needs to let the Obama holdovers go. Even if he runs short on staff for a while he should just put someone in charge that he trusts until he gets a replacement.  All of the philosophies and policies that have been in place haven’t been working.  The corruption has continued even though we should not allow any kind corruption to be happening.

We need to start locking people up in jail. Or indict them until someone tells the truth. Let the grand jury have what we got, and let them decide the fate of twenty plus people who broke the taxpayer’s trust. Let the guilty ones be seen with handcuffs on.  That will stop the corruption.  Firing someone and letting him or her have an even higher paying job is not stopping corruption.  These people need to be prosecuted and have their futures taken away to some extent.  Making them accountable by setting a new standard is going to deter others from doing it.

We have been financing the bankers who have committed felony crimes.  It’s our taxes that we pay and we the stockholders who are paying the fines for these crimes.  All the while, those who committed the crimes are getting paid bonuses.  Very nice bonuses.  This needs to stop.

The Justice Department needs to do their job.  This is what they were established for.  If they would just indict the guilty parties involved they would gain back the public’s trust.  With all of the investigations that have been underway, there is no doubt that they have more than enough information to indict most of them.  Read the article “The Grand Jury Could Help“.

Can you imagine what would happen if the Grand Jury just focused on twenty indictments? You know some of those twenty people would talk.  Then we could see some real things happen.  We would see the change that we so desperately need. Then move on.