Unpolitically Correct
The Impeachment of Donald Trump Is A Joke

This whole impeachment process has been a huge joke and an insult to our entire democracy.

I have to believe our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves as they watch this sad charade unfold. The Democratic Party is making a complete mockery of all that this great nation was built on. The Democrats have professed since day one of Trump’s presidency that they were going to impeach him.  Not once have they tried to support him nor have they shown him one ounce of respect as the 45th President of the United States.  What’s happening is shameful.

And why?  Because the Democrats can’t find a decent candidate to run in 2020.

Their great white hope was Biden.  Joe Biden.  The one who bragged about withholding aid to Ukraine unless they fired their prosecutor. Isn’t that exactly what they are accusing Trump of doing?  How does that work?  Can you impeach an ex Vice President?
The Democrats are so afraid of losing to President Trump AGAIN that they will stop at nothing to keep him from running.  Seriously, how sad is that?  They KNOW they have no chance at beating him unless they impeach him.  So what does that say to all of us?  It says the nation likes him.  The Democrats want to deprive the people of who they believe in to lead our country all for their own personal political gain.
I don’t think they can impeach him, but they sure as hell are going to put us a nation through the ringer trying.  Maybe we should call for an impeachment of the entire Democratic Party.  Sounds absurd doesn’t it?  Just as absurd as what is happening to Trump.

As a conservative Democrat I am so incredibly ashamed of my party.

They are willing to sell their souls just to keep their seats.  How can these people even look in the mirror when they get up in the morning?
What’s happening in our country today is not progressive.  I pray that the current Democratic Party implodes on itself soon so that we can begin to rebuild it back to the Party I was proud to join 50 years ago.