Unpolitically Correct
Trump must lead on reconciliation, immigration

President Trump needs to get to Capitol Hill and do the reconciliation with the Republican Congress. Don’t leave it for them to do on their own. Sit them all in the same room for as many hours as it takes. Then, have them go back to their respective chambers and vote.

If Trump can do it before the December 8 budget deadline, that would be great. I believe there’s going to be some stonewalling going on; the Democrats are going to do whatever they can to stop the reconciliation process and may even shut down the government over DACA.

Trump should definitely use DACA as an opportunity to do a total immigration reform. (See our articles on immigration, which I believe would help all interested parties – not necessarily Republicans or Democrats. All interested parties, including immigrants and non-immigrants.)

Get rid of the criminals and build the border wall. This is what has been proposed by some of our leaders – a culmination of what can be done.

I think the president could get it done while giving a lot of credit to the Democrats in order to get the bill passed. Let’s face it: DACA was partially their idea. So let them take credit for some of that.

But if the reconciliation and immigration bills pass, it makes no difference which party gets to stand up and say, “We did it!” It will have been done under the Trump administration.

But Trump must get up to the Hill and do the budget reconciliation. Do not leave it for Congress to argue over special interest groups. Just do what’s right for the people.

Trump will look very good to the public if he personally oversees the reconciliation process.