Unpolitically Correct
We are losing 150,000 americans a year to the war

The war on drugs, which has been the most unsuccessful war America has ever waged, is killing more than 70,000 plus another 80,000 to 100,000 Americans in drug related deaths a year.  The sad reality though is that this number isn’t even accurate.  We all know it doesn’t take in to consideration all of the mislabeled drug related deaths.  Don’t you ever wonder how many death certificates are classified wrong for different reasons? The number is much higher.

If we had this many people dying each year in the Middle East what do you think the Democrats or Republicans would be doing?  Probably more than they are doing for us.  It’s as if they just do not care about their own people. Both parties.

Anyone who doesn’t support a wall or shutting down the drug trade at all costs, supports American deaths.  American deaths that can be prevented.

I really believe there are ways to stop this.  Or, at the very least, feasible ways to slow it down significantly.  We know the wall needs to be built.  But we also need to put a large focus on areas other than where we build a wall.  That being our airports, coasts and other ports of entry.

Imagine if we increased our security efforts in these areas by employing an additional 100,000 union or non-union workers. The work could be done by the private sector with Homeland Security over site. They would inspect every shipment and cargo container coming into the US, including all airplanes (passenger and cargo). Charge the companies doing the shipment $100 per container and a fee for airports. At an average value of $ 86,000 per container, the cost would be negligible. This wouldn’t cost our tax payers a dime AND we’d have more jobs created. And we would save lives.

The cost is going to be consumed by the shipping companies and more than likely passed on to the consumer.  Wouldn’t you, as a consumer, be willing to spend a few pennies to save lives?  It could save trillions of taxpayer dollars dealing with all the costs to society. Why not pay a little extra for a product knowing that you are part of the solution? Knowing that you are helping to stop the drug trade and human trafficking?

We’re all willing to pay more for something that is environmentally friendly or supports free trade.  Why wouldn’t we be willing to support this effort?  Is your coffee or your household cleaning supplies more important than stopping drug addiction and human trafficking?  Make your next purchase support American lives NOT American genocide.

There is so much that we could do by allowing the private sector to manage it and not cost the tax payers anything.  Privatize homeland security at the airports and I bet we’d see a big difference in the inspection rates.  I guarantee you their success rate would sky rocket.

We can’t afford to control the supply of drugs, but we have a chance to control the demand for drugs. We can, at a savings, control the demand for drugs in the US by turning the US into an impenetrable market, therefore lowering the world demand and supply. We are the largest market in the world.

We are not isolationists, nor do we want to be.  But there is nothing wrong with being nationalist to save American lives. This will make us stronger, so we can set examples for other countries and be able to help more other countries.

Get the DEA out of all other countries.  Let them focus on overseeing what’s going on with the demand side. Stop shipping to, growing or developing here in our homeland. We need to fix our own problems first then help the rest of the world. If we focus on cutting demand, supply will drop.

The fact is there are feasible ways for us to fix our problems.  We just need to do it.  The US is the greatest country on this planet.  We are responsible for so much of the humanitarian work that is done around the world.  And, we will continue to always do that.  But, in order for us to continue to do this we need to focus on ourselves.  If we want to continue to be great, then America needs to take care of Americans first.

Win the war on drugs. Increase border security.  Build the wall. Support American Lives NOT American Genocide.