Unpolitically Correct
We Can’t Let the Swamp Destroy Our Nation

This is how I see the Swamp.  A hot mess filled with corruption and greed.  But I do see the glimmer of sun above.  I do see hope.

These are my thoughts as I think about the Swamp:

It is amazing all the different levels of hate involved in this country. Especially in Washington D.C. and Hollywood where the hate for our President is greater than doing the right thing for the American people.

It is amazing that the hate by both parties is more important to them than the oath of office that all of these Senators and Congressmen took.  The politicians in D.C. don’t seem to represent the people at all. When did that stop?

People who are supposed to care about us have Trump hate syndrome that is so great they are willing to let us fail as a county.  They are more worried about losing their corrupt, lobbyist financing, than help Trump work for we the American citizens.

I think they hate him because he has exposed them for what they are. And he continues to expose them with slow transparency.

We wanted transparency.  This is what it looks like.

The greatest obstruction of justice is being done by the Democrats and Republicans deep in the Swamp. Most of them have been bought by special interests.

I think they wanted Hillary to win because she would have covered up the pre-election corruption and would have kept the Swamp going. After all, she wrote the book on corruption, collusion, and interference with justice.

I think Trump has tried to work hard for the middle-class and the low-income.  He has done a lot to bring the low-income folks back up into the workforce and I think he’s capable of doing a whole lot more.

I don’t like his style.  I don’t like the way he says things. But I think a lot of people underestimate how he’s doing.  I think he’s shaking things up on purpose to see what settles down.

He’s definitely exposing the Swamp for what it really is.  I think people forget he didn’t create the Swamp.  He’s trying to clean up a mess that’s been there for a long time.

When the Republican party, his own party, wants him to fail well that’s a level of hate that I never thought I would see in our country.  Now they’re showing and being examples of how not to behave.

I also don’t think the Democrats really care about the American people.  They want open borders so they can get more Democratic votes.  I don’t know about you, but I live in a sanctuary city and it worries me.  My city already has a huge homeless epidemic that we haven’t been able to fix.  How are we going to take care of all of these people?  How are we to get ahead and enjoy the American Dream?

Again, it’s all crazy to me.  We have the Mueller Report.  A report that took years to complete at an exorbitant cost to the American tax payer. And what did it say?  It says President Trump isn’t guilty of collusion.  And what do the politicians and media do?  They say it’s not true.  There must be more.  There must be a cover up.  They say Trump doesn’t respect our justice system?

I ask you this question. Why are we not happy to hear that our President is not guilty?

There are actually people in this country who are secretly just trying to take our President down.  Whoever thought that Mitt Romney and George Soros would be considered to be in lock step when it comes to the hate Trump movement?  I don’t know if they’re actually tied together, but I think they’re on the same page doing the same thing.

The reality is President Trump was elected by the people of the United States.  And, the politicians have not honored him.  Not even his own party. It is unconscionable to me that anybody would do that.

“The thought that there are people who hate each other simply because they don’t have the same political beliefs is beyond me.”  Sounds outrageous when you read it.

Again, these are just some of my personal opinions.  And, I have not forgotten about my glimmer of hope.  That little ray of sunshine.

As crazy as the Swamp has become and all of the other chaos in the world, we will always be the greatest nation on earth.  And we as a people will continue to stay united.

I believe we are making progress on the Swamp.  And a lot more will be known in the next twelve months.  Our country will come together again and make our Founding Fathers proud.

We just need to listen more to one another and keep moving toward being positive and progressive.  And, politically we need to all get along.

Pat Lockhart, Founder