Unpolitically Correct
What’s the Plan Mr. President?

If President Trump wants to continue to control the House and the Senate then over the next ninety days he really needs to start talking about what he plans to do for our country in the next two years.   He needs to lay out his game plan and get everyone on board with these four objectives:

  1. TOTAL immigration reform plan. A plan that is comprehensive but simple enough to understand and be accomplished.  We need to embrace legalizing all illegal immigrants currently in the country.  Not just the Dreamers.  When I say legalize all illegal immigrants I mean legalizing those who have no serious criminal records other than being in the country illegally.  Keep it simple and easy.  Then build the wall and have all future immigrants enter our country legally and honorably.  Read our article “The Unpolitically Correct Response to Total Immigration from Our Readers”.
  2. Health care improvement plan. We need to continue to lower the premiums. Healthcare needs to be affordable for both the lower income AND middle-class income households.  It needs to be affordable for businesses to offer to their employees.
  3. Better and equal pay for women and minorities.  We need to make much larger strides in providing equal pay for women and minorities.  While the Trump Administration prioritized the growth of women-owned business by having the Small Business Administration lending approximately $500 million to those businesses, we still need to see equality in pay.  A woman’s annual earnings compared to a White man’s is still grossly unfair.  Asian women make 87%, White women make 79%, Black women make 63% and Hispanic women make 54% of what a White male earns.  The President needs to address equality in pay for women and all minorities.  Companies need to be held accountable.  Read our article “Equal Pay for Women”.
  4. Clean up the judicial system. We need to continue draining the swamp and hold our leaders accountable. Especially the FBI and the Justice Department.  They have been encapsulating the facts from the public far too long.  They need to open the doors and let the real facts out.

If the President would show us his plan for just those four goals he would get the support that he needs to keep moving forward.


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