Unpolitically Correct
Why Can’t We Do The Right Things For The Right Reasons?

Why does everything have to have special interests?  If we can’t build the wall, then let’s at least send in massive amounts of troops and protect our border.  I understand wanting to protect the Dreamers, but the fact still remains our unsecured borders are allowing the gangs and illegal drugs to come in to our country.  We’re killing our own kids.

Why is it we are perfectly fine sending our troops to other countries to provide support and security for their countries, but we won’t do it on our own soil and for our own people?  It just makes no sense to me.

Unfortunately, so much of what happens is dictated by those who have a vested interest in it.  Just look at the Koch brothers.  They are adamantly opposed to building the wall because they don’t want to lose their cheap labor at the expense of American lives.  The Democrats don’t want it because they think they can win the votes of the Hispanics and all other immigrants at the expense of American lives. Does this mean they all support the drug trade? Why don’t the lives of all those we have lost to drug overdoses in the U.S. matter?

Sadly, I don’t think the Dreamers are the true interest here.  I think they are just pawns in a much bigger self-serving agenda.  And in the meantime, look what’s happening to our country.  The opioid epidemic alone is destroying our families.

The solution?  We need to improve our security in our airports and at the border.  Let’s beef up Homeland Security in our airports.  The Coast Guard is already doing as good of a job as they can with the funds that they have but they need help too. Let’s beef up our security on the borders with our military.  We could do this both on the U.S. side and on the Mexico side.  Imagine the security we could provide if were to collaborate.

If we improve our security, we will create more jobs and we’ll slow down the drug trade and start saving more lives.

In addition to this solution I think the U.S. needs to take a closer look at how other countries handle immigration.  I would encourage others to read The New York Times article “What Can the U.S. Learn From How Other Countries Handle Immigration?



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