Unpolitically Correct
Has The World Turned Sideways?  Or Is Our Budget Just Off Balance?

I think we and the President have done a terrible job of trying to figure out how to do things and pay for them. That’s what the government is used to though.  We need to think more strategically about what we want to do and how we are going to pay for it.

I think that over the next ten years we should lower the employment in the federal government by 10%.  This is a huge number when we have a government that continues to grow in size.  We need to control that growth as opposed to lowering the cost.  What we need is fewer people on welfare. Growing our economy is the most effective way because we will generate more taxes to help pay the national debt.  I also believe that by lowering the taxes we’re going to add more revenue to the government like we did under Reagan and Clinton.  We definitely need to continue in that direction.  We just need to make sure that we don’t mess it up with tax cuts that would cause trade imbalances.

I believe in free trade.  Free trade means that you charge me what I charge you.  That’s free trade.  I don’t think that’s what we have in our country or in the world right now. Right now, we have an imbalance because some countries have unique advantages.  I understand that some of these unique advantages are to help some countries to develop certain industries.  This is why we have some of the tariffs that are in place.

I am all for helping those countries. But we shouldn’t just be handing out money to everyone.  Especially those countries in the world that hate us and have no intentions of mending fences with us or working toward solutions to work better with us.

We should help the countries that have a commitment to improving themselves. But we need to help our own country first by being strategic and figuring out how to balance our own budget.